New and improved “Ersao 2.0” ​opens at SM Mezza Residences

Ersao opened its newest branch at SM Mezza Residences in Sta Mesa last October 1, 2019. It is the  pilot store of the new and improved Ersao, dubbed as “Ersao 2.0”

Imported from Taiwan, the Ersao restaurant chain is popularly known for their basic  500ml Milk Tea concoctions—- Taro Milk Tea (P 90), Wintermelon Milk Tea (P 90), Pearl Milk Tea (P 90), Almond Milk Tea (P 100), Chocolate Milk Tea (P 100), Coffee Milk Tea (P 100)—to the more elaborate ones. Best sellers include  Tropical Fruit Tea (P 150), Mango Shake Float (P 150), Twilight (Passion Yakult Green Tea – P 180),  Milky Way   (Mango Shake with Cream Mousse and Jelly – P 180),  and Aurora(Pineapple Shake with Rainbow Jelly – P 180).

Blended Milk Tea options include Green Tea (P 75), Raspberry Green Tea (P 95), Passion Fruit Tea (P 95),  Green Apple Tea (P 100) and Yakult Green Tea (P 100). They also serve Fruit Shakes.

Their brand focus is not really on milk tea but more on to-go Taiwanese treats that includes rice toppings, noodles, seafood, chicken and well-known Taiwanese snacks such as Crispy Seafood and Spicy Pork. Ersao is synonymous to fast lane for Chinese food.

Ersao has come a long way in a span of two decades.  It has expanded to the new and improved Ersao food chain as it gears towards extensive development in different parts of the metro and  malls.

The steamed dumplings make good appetizers. It comes in different flavors and is served with a dipping sauce.

Savoury Seafood Pancake (P 210) is Ersao’s take on a crispy pancake. It is loaded with seafood bits and drizzled with Japanese mayo and bonito flakes on top.

Ersao has its own version of the Japanese okonomiyaki. The Savoury Seafood Pancake (P 210) is Ersao’s take on a crispy pancake. It is loaded with seafood bits and drizzled with Japanese mayo and bonito flakes on top.

Beef Noodle (P 310)

Beef Noodle (P 310) has fork-tender brisket and thick noodles in a broth that is a bit spicy.

Seafood Noodle (P 310)

Seafood Noodle (P 310) is creamy and loaded with prawns, fishballs and vegetables.

Spicy Squid (P 130)

Spicy Squid and rice combo (P 130) comes with side dish of the day.  Squid rings were deep-fried to golden brown perfection and seasoned with the familiar flavors of Taiwanese street food.

Hong Ma (P 170)

Hong Ma (P 170) comes with tender, slow-cooked pork belly slabs, side dish and steamed rice. The flavorful meat was perfectly greasy in the right way!

Pork Chao Fan

Ersao’s Pork Chao Fan was full of meat and vegetables. This Chinese spice-flavored rice dish is good in itself. I had it in tandem with the house specialty Spicy Squid.

Drop by Unit 129, G/F SM Mezza, Aurora Boulevard, Bgy. Dona Imelda, Sta. Mesa to see what the flagship store has to offer.

Do visit @ersao_2.0_official on instagram for updates and promotions.