The Newest Home & Personal Home Care Products :Mr. Clear, Mrs. Clear & Lady Clear

AMC Star Marketing Services Incorporated officially launch its newest product line: Mr. Clear, Mrs. Clear & Lady Clear, the newest home & personal home care products. The event was held at the Sulo Riviera Hotel where in guest, bloggers and other media outfit are present to witness the unveiling.

AMC Star Marketing Services Incorporated President Anna Sepnio
Mr. Clear Brand Ambassadors: Mark Kevin Baloaloa(Mister international Philippines 2018); John Paul Ocat (Man of the World Philippines 2018); Casius Panopio (Misters of Filipinas 1st Runner-up) Federico Palejon – Misters of Filipinas 2nd Runner-up & Ruben Anthony Timbol (Misters of Filipinas 2nd Runner-up.)


Mr. Clear Products

1. Mr. Clear Anti-Perspirant
2. Mr. Clear Body Mist
3. Mr. Clear Pomade

Mrs. Clear Products 

1. Mrs. Clear Toilet Bowl Cleaner
2. Mrs. Clear Dishwashing Liquid
3. Mrs. Clear Disinfectant
4. Mrs. Clear Fabric Conditioner

5. Mrs. Clear Detergent Powder
6. Mrs. Clear Liquid Detergent

Lady Clear Products 

1. Lady Clear feminine
2. Lady Clear Insect Repellant
3. Lady Clear Body Mists
4. Lady Clear hand Sanitizer
5. Lady Clear hair Spa treatment
6. Lady Clear Shower gel
7. Lady Clear Body Lotion

AMC Star Marketing Services Inc. is located at 4th Floor Alpha Square A Bonifacio Street Cainta, Rizal.
For more information regarding Mr. Clear, Mrs. Clear and Lady Clear Visit their Facebook Page Mr. And Mrs. Clear or call 7281804 and 09157544351
The Launch event was organized by PMCM Events Management