NIVEA fulfills their mission of giving healthy, cared for skin with their Derma Repair and Care body lotion

MANILA, Philippines – Most will agree it’s best to match your beauty products according to what you really need, and this is most especially true with skincare. Filipinos with sensitive skin have to rely on products that can address their specific skin care needs. In general, sensitive skin is prone to inflammation, which means the wrong body care products could cause a nasty flare up. This can show up as itching, irritation, or dryness that can cause major discomfort. However, most Filipinos’ current body lotion does not provide enough care to calm and soothe irritated, severely dry, and tight skin.

True to its mission of giving healthy cared-for skin, NIVEA introduces the new NIVEA Derma Repair & Care body lotion, which provides Filipinos with sensitive skin the relief they need from irritation and dryness. This lotion cares for your skin and works in balance with its microbiome for a natural skin barrier. It contains Dexpanthenol, which helps strengthen the skin barrier to prevent moisture loss as well as aiding in soothing rough and irritated areas. One application is all you need to instantly calm irritated areas of the skin and provide 72-hour relief from very dry and tight skin.

This lotion is also dermatologically approved, with its ingredients carefully selected according to the strictest quality standards.

If you’re tired of suffering from dry, flaky, rough skin that feels irritated, reach for a bottle of NIVEA Derma Repair and Care body lotion to instantly soothe and calm irritated and dry skin. You can log on to Shopee or Lazada to purchase online without leaving the comforts of your home. Also available exclusively at your nearest Watsons Drugstore!

Try NIVEA Derma Repair and Care body lotion to instantly soothe and calm irritated and dry skin because #TheDermaCares.

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