Nothing Wrong With Different Leading Men – Janella Salvador

Young adorable singer-actress Janella Salvador is out to prove something!  

Only 20, Janella Salvador, is now ready to try new things to help her grow as an actress, including be paired with different leading men and not having to stick with one perennial onscreen partner.

She expressed her openness to break away from the love team she has been typecast these past couple of years.

Having been in the business for the past six years, Janella’s career scaled new heights when her team-up with fellow Kapamilya star Elmo Magalona was formed in 2016. Thus #ElNella love team hashtag was formed courtesy of their loyal fans.

For TV, they did Born For You (2016), Wansapanataym; Holly & Mau (2016) and followed by Wansapanataym: Jasmin’s Flower Powers (2017).

The onscreen couple went on to make movies, recently My Fairy Tail Love Story (2018) from Regal Entertainment, Inc.
But in her latest movie, So Connected, Janella has a new leading man, so please say “Hello” to Jameson Blake. ♥♥