Of Waffles, Raffles, and a Cube That Just Isn’t Right



Halloween is just around the corner. However, the ABSCBN Media Relations team headed by Aaron Domingo probably thought that just like Christmas, it is an occasion in itself. So, they chose to give back and spread the love last October 27, by preparing a treat for their friends from social media.

Food brings people together, especially an energy packed dinner at the Early Bird Breakfast Club located inside Century City Mall consisting of breakfast items good enough for three people who don’t eat a lot. But alas, we were spoilt to the hilt starting off with the Fried Chicken and Breakfast Waffle for our dinner and the Yin & Yang Champorado for dessert.

After that, pillows, bags, and VR headsets were raffled off. Literally, the early birds of the event were given sweets as their prizes for coming as early as 3:30 in the afternoon. The grand prize was an ABSCBN TV Plus. The night was stil young and another surprise awaited us, a surprise that goes by the name of Mystery Manila.


Each group should be made up of six people. Since I was with folks who love facing challenges like me, we ended up choosing the room called Virtual Voyage, which was introduced just last December. The other group chose the X-Men inspired room which is Mutant’s Mission.

The situation we were in was that of volunteers in a science program which went wrong. However, limbo threatened to ensnare us after an error occurred so we had to get out of the room in one hour by deciphering clues of varying difficulty while in the dark with a single flashlight to spare.

Did we manage to get out? All I have to say is that we went home wondering how a cube can be so difficult. We also went home tired but happy because Kapamilya indeed made us feel like a part of one, big, happy family that memorable night.