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Oishi Smart C

Let me tell you a secret. Every morning for the last 6 months I have been drinking at least half a cup of freshly squeezed calamansi (Philippine lime) juice. I drink it pure, without any additional water or sweeteners. I have no way to tell what effects it has had to my body, if any. I see it more as a preventive measure – it is always good to everything we can to try to boost the immune system.

I got this from my brother-in-law, who happens to be a practitioner of alternative medicine. Now if his expert knowledge is to be trusted, the benefits of vitamin C coming from real fruit juice will greatly help protect my body against numerous ailments. I grew up with my parents always telling me to drink citrus juice to protect against colds.

If anything, vitamin C can help you look younger. You know that thing called collagen that’s really hot in the beauty industry right now? According to health professionals, vitamin C is required for its biosynthesis.

Review: Oishi Smart C+

So when Oishi Smart C+, a juice drink manufactured by Liwayway Marketing, started popping up in the stores, I got curious. From the name it sounds like you’re trying to market supplements as a drink. There have been similar attempts in the past, none of which have really caught on. In some ways, it sounds like a hard sell.

Until you take a closer look at the label.

I don’t know if the FDA is required to verify a product’s claims, but if the label is to be believed, a 500mL bottle of Smart C+ contains 500mg of vitamin C. The recommended dosage (RDA) for Vitamin C is only 90mg for adult males and 75mg for adult females. So each bottle contains is at least 555% of the daily RDA.

Are there any risks from overdosing vitamin C?

According to the Wikipedia entry, vitamin C is water soluble, and the excess does not get absorbed by the body. Instead it is ejected through urine. I have not heard of anyone die from an overdose of vitamin C.

Aside from vitamin C, the Nutritional Facts in Smart C+ also lists Vitamin B5 and Vitamin B6. Every 240mL serving of the drink contains a total of 100k calories, comprised mostly of sodium and carbohydrates.

By far the most interesting part is the Ingredients section. It lists down cane sugar and lemon juice concentrate (for the Lemon Squeeze variant), but apparently they also use “Nature-Identical Flavor”. Perhaps a flavor enhancer? Hmmm.

On first taste, Oishi Smart C+ comes off as very lightly flavored. Think of it as a very watered down lemonade. The sweetness is barely noticeable, and the flavor is enough to be recognizable. This is actually a good point, because the more you drink it and the warmer the drink gets, the more flavorful it becomes.

Oishi Smart C+ comes in three variants: Lemon Squeeze, Pomelo Grapefruit, and Orange Crush. Lemon Squeeze is the best seller, though my personal favorite is Orange Crush. Pomelo Grapefruit is a nice, familiar taste for us Filipinos. To the uninitiated, grapefruit, is descended from pomelo, which can be found everywhere in the Philippines. The label iand the color of the drink itself is reminiscent of the local pomelo.

I had a little trouble finding Smart C+ in the supermarket. Perhaps because it is still a relatively new product. On some stores, like Watson’s, I could only find one variant, the Pomelo Grapefruit. A more reliable source is 7-Eleven, which carries all three flavors.

Oishi Smart C+ comes in 350mL and 500mL bottles. Interestingly in 7-Eleven the 350mL bottle retails for 20 pesos while the 500mL one sells for 23.50 at Watson’s.

The cheapest source I have found so far would be Rustan’s at Greenbelt 3. They are selling the 350mL bottles for 14 pesos while the 500mL bottles are available for only 18 pesos. The price is really attractive considering alternative juice drinks sell for above 20 pesos. Bottled water costs a little less, so think of it as buying bottled water and a 500mg ascorbic acid tablet.

What do others say about Smart C+?

I gave a taste of Oishi Smart C+ to everyone in our household and so far they liked it. My mom is always eager to drink one, though the 500mL bottle might be a little too much for her as she sometimes has some leftovers. Everyone’s feedback has so far been positive. Her favorite flavor is “yung matamis” (the sweet one), referring to either the lemon or orange flavor.

The Verdict: Oishi Smart C+

Vitamin-enhanced commercial drinks are nothing new, but I really like the almost all-natural formulation of Oishi Smart C+. It also tastes really good for a bottled drink, as long as it is served cold. Just a word of caution, you may feel a slight hint of acidity in your stomach, so if you’re sensitive to vitamin C or suffering from hyper-acidity or ulcer you may wish to take this in moderation.

Bottomline, Oishi Smart C+ is still a better choice compared to the artificially manufactured and overly-sweetened drinks available in the market. The smartest choice would still be water, but if you are looking for a bit of flavor, you can never go wrong with Smart C+

Read on for the press release.

Smart moves

More and more young people are breaking the “young and reckless” stereotype as they make smarter and healthier choices in their fast-paced lives. Take for instance the young and unstoppable Pinoy Big Brother Unlimited grand winner, Slater Young. Amidst his engagements, Slater has chosen to get his immunity boost in one refreshing and convenient drink, Oishi Smart C+.

So, make the clever move and #thinkaboutyourdrink. Your best ally and defense is your daily dose of resistance-building Vitamin C; Smart C+. Now you can cope with the daily demands of your dynamic life which then makes you unstoppable and ready whenever, wherever.

As Slater put it, “Why just drink to refresh when you can also drink to get your daily dose of Vitamin C? With Smart C+ you get both and I think that’s really smart.”

Smart C+ comes in three thirst-quenching flavors: Lemon Squeeze, Orange Crush and Pomelo Grapefruit. Each refreshing flavor contains 500mg of Vitamin C+ to keep up with your daily tasks and passionate pursuits.
Smart C+ is available at leading supermarkets and grocery stores nearest you.

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