Pawfect partner: Fur parents find fun, easy companion in dog care with Doggo

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PHILIPPINES – Having a fur baby feels fulfilling especially when they shower their owners with affection and love. Any dog owner, however, will agree that caring for pets can be challenging especially when it comes to finding the right grooming and feeding products. In response to dog owners’ experiences, homegrown brand Doggo has created a selection of products that brings fun and ease into being a pup parent.

From bathing, to grooming, to treats, Doggo’s well-formulated products are inspired by CEO Kurt Cheng’s own journey with his dogs and experiences of family and friends. Customers can rest easy knowing that Doggo Shampoo and Conditioners, Grooming Tools, and Treats are made intended to become reliable partners to dog owners who want to give the best products to their furry friends. Just ask Nico Bolzico, who only trusts Doggo as his care arsenal for Pochola!

Nico with Pochola Doggo Long Lasting Deoderizing Shampoo
Nico with Pochola Doggo Long Lasting Deoderizing Shampoo

Bath time cleansing and protection

Bonding with fur babies is a great way to de-stress and has kept many pet owners sane after more than a year of quarantine. It is a known fact though, that all the fun and games can also lead to dirt and grime on dogs’ furry coats. A regular bathing schedule is needed to keep the strong odor at bay, and Doggo’s slew of bath time essentials can make lathering up something to look forward to — both for dogs and their owners.

Pawrents can take a pick from Doggo Shampoo and Conditioners in the following variants: Cherry Blossoms, Melon, and Jasmine which are all formulated with a long-lasting deodorizing effect that will last for at least a week. Doggo Conditioner, meanwhile, is bottled up with Jeju Serum for a soft and shiny coat.

Doggo Slicker Brush
Doggo Slicker Brush

For puppers that need extra care, Doggo has medicated shampoos that are anti-tick (for tick and fleas), anti-mange (for scabies), and anti-parasitic (for other parasites) to give them an extra layer of protection. Each one retails for at least.

Tools to keep pups looking slick and shiny

Post-bath time, some pet owners may also find grooming as another way to bond and connect with their dogs. Doggo makes each pupper look dapper and super with Grooming Tools made for doggos of all sizes. Options abound for each grooming purpose: there are Doggo Slicker Brush and Doggo Bristle and Metal Pin Brush for fur detangling; Doggo Bathing Brush for relaxing bath time massages; Doggo Sharp Grooming Scissors and Doggo Sharp Layering Scissors for fur styling and trimming; and Doggo Shedding Brush for long-haired dogs.

Every dog’s favo-treat

While dogs love receiving baths and playing with their parents, treats will always be a favorite. Doggo’s yummy selection of treats are packed with premium ingredients at an affordable price. These Doggo Treats are low in fat, high in protein, and are formulated with protein and Vitamin B to keep dogs’ coats shiny and healthy.

Doggo Cutie Treats Beef
Doggo Cutie Treats Beef

Biscuit-type munchers will love Doggo Cutie Treats and Doggo Brushie Treats, while bigger dogs can enjoy Doggo Huge Treats which come in milk, chicken, and beef flavors. Puppers who want something chewy can munch on Doggo Dental Sticks and Doggo Chewy Bones, which help with hygiene and also come in milk, chicken, and beef flavors.

Dogs who prefer real meat jerky-type can select from the beef, chicken, pork, duck, and fish flavors of Doggo Jerky Treats. Rawhide-type chewers have Doggo Premium Rawhide Knotted Bones to get their fix in both chicken and beef flavors. No pup gets left behind as small dogs can also nibble on Doggo Cubes and Doggo Mini Dental Sticks available in milk, chicken, and beef.

To complete the care package and experience for dog owners and their pets, Doggo also has heavy-duty collars, leashes, toys, and beds for dogs of all breeds and sizes.

Like Nico Bolzico and Pochola, more and more dog owners are finding a reliable partner in Doggo as they keep their pets happy and healthy. The brand is among the top five e-commerce sites in the Philippines and received the 2020 Winning Circle Award for Pet Supplies from Lazada.

Dog owners who’d like to stock, save, and show their pets love through quality Doggo products can easily shop through Doggo’s website, GrabMart, Pet Express, and Doggo’s official store on Shopee and Lazada.