Pharmaton’s The Life Challenger’s Challenge Campaing



Let’s face, you and I have been thru a lot of problems; whether emotionally of financially. But along the way there are people that assist us, help us in one way or another. There are these people who give an extra mile; a helping hand so that we don’t loss hope and find our path again.

I, for one am one those people that experience that; in moments of darkest; there seems to be an angel who would come along and held my hand and help me to get back on my feet again.  There are so many people who are like that; giving time; inspirational; lend a helping hand and an ear just to make someone else’s life more meaningful; changing their lives and the people they love.

I recently meet three people who took time to change other people’s life; culinary educator Chef Rob Pengson, social entrepreneur and Rags2Riches founder Reese Fernandez-Ruiz and sports advocate Peter “Futkalero Pedro” Amores are challenging other people to become part of the better world.

With their hectic schedule of being an entrepreneur, husband or wife, being a mentor; I wonder how they manage to maintain their stamina to do all of this without sacrificing their health. Enjoying a success of such magnitude, one huge stumbling block that hinders a lot of Filipinos like them from reaching out to other people is the lack of sustained energy to achieve more. Nowadays, it’s quite a challenge to keep our energy levels up for most part of the day and continue delivering on a high note. For one, we’re constantly exposed to great amounts of stress without us even knowing it—while sitting in traffic on the road going to work in the morning, after a pressure packed day in the office, or even in the comforts of our own homes, mind you. It’s just that easy to get exhausted with our brains, our bodies, and our immune system taking nonstop beating on a regular basis. To succeed, every one of us needs to achieve an improved physiological and mental state to fuel us to accomplish things we are really passionate about.

On this area, Pharmaton is their answer. Pharmaton is igniting the drive of every Filipino to make a difference by fueling their passions to change other people’s lives through sustained energy.








“Life today demands a lot of energy from us and we try to perform in everything that we’re involved in—from our family, our work, to our personal lives,” says Pharmaton Senior Brand Manager Bernice Jalgalado. “This is why it’s really amazing when we see people who go beyond just being able to deliver for their families, for their careers, and also have things that they’re passionate about.”

Pharmaton also introduced their newest campaign:  the Life Changers’ Challenge: Success in Numbers. In such a very challenging world, one needs to be on top of things in order to succeed and help make other peoples’ lives better. This is the virtue that Pharmaton intends to champion, as it celebrates the Filipinos’ inner resolve to become a bigger part of a better world through yet another groundbreaking initiative

Pharmaton’s groundbreaking campaign, the Life Changers’ Challenge: Success in Numbers. It is a modern day movement that draws inspiration from the belief that the measure of true success is defined by the number of lives one has touched—making a difference and causing a positive, life-changing impact to others and to the world. It is an online, video-driven nationwide competition that aims to search for exceptional Filipinos who cause positive change to the world around them.


The Life Changers Challenge is open to social entrepreneurs, advocates, and other relevant groups of people who spearhead high-impact projects and aim to see their visions come to life. Simply visit the Life Changers Challenge microsite and submit a proposal video explaining the concept behind your proposed projects. Winners will receive a grant of Php 1-million to fund their initiatives, whose implementation will then be documented as a life changers’ journey.

The microsite, will be accessible very soon, will also feature the most viewed and the most popular Youtube video entries from the participants. Once posted in the portal, viewers would be given the opportunity to share a thing or two on how the presentations can be further improved, thus helping competitors strengthen their case and win the million-peso project grant. Aside from this, the microsite will also host the latest stories about the participants and Pharmaton Life Changers, namely social entrepreneur and Rags2Riches founder Reese Fernandez-Ruiz, culinary educator Chef Rob Pengson, and sports advocate Peter “Futkalero Pedro” Amores.

Pharmaton, with the unique combination of Ginseng G115 and deanol, provides sustained energy and mental alertness for life changers to fulfill their visions and go beyond themselves. Visit our Facebook page at