Philippines Approach to Online Gambling compare to UK

Similar games different venue as Philippines imitates UK World Class Luxurious Casino types.

Im comparing UK Casino to Philippines because I started to play Casino when I saw James Bond did it on his several movies. Out of curiosity I imitate and did it here and outside the country. Just to feel the suave image.Even learn to play poker, baccarat, Q tricks on slots and pontoon black jack. Seem like action life is so exciting the Filipino-British entertainment betting Luxurious way.

Horseracing and Russian roulette is exciting, it’s just like racing and travelling around the world with those different horse race settings. From Santa Anita Locationin Arcadia United States, Epsom, Tokyo, Meydan Dubai World Cup to that famous Melbourne Cup and Victoria Derby like in Flemington Australia Opened in 1840. Seems like a classic feeling with those great horse racing sound of the great trumpeter’s to deliver the reveille of that fast running animals.                                      .


I played several local and international poker tournaments. They host it in several London Casino type in Manila like Solaire, Resorts World Manila and Okada. I’ve heard they are building more casinos in Pasay area.What happened in UK was that they host several poker, slot and baccarat tournament. Same here in the Philippines they did it as well. I played several of them.


They even have online app, text and email support informing you about your free food, credits and items. You can event play on the app and enjoy its interactive games.Because people nowadays can lay it anywhere using its mobile smartphone devices. While you enjoy the cool sound when you hit free spin, retrigger or jackpot.


You may feel that you out of the country because there a lot of foreign nationalities when you step up with these casinos. Some of them hosted beauty pageant, business events, tech summits, relaxing music swimmingpool party, cockfighting, MMA fight press con events. Some of the famous Hollywood actress, artist and high rollers were in the country.

I’ve stayed and dined on these several casinos. Even played, partied, drink and hang out it famous pokerstars and elbow to elbow with local and foreign celebrities. So far they have the best food, best drink like the ace of spades and great iconic people simple wants to relax. See its great interior and exciting programs aside from playing. I would say most of the offer 5 star service but sometimes 7 star. So open presidential suite, let the thrill and game begin we’ll play no limits.


The good thing about theits Casino marketing is that they constantly give free giveaways to its members. Like free stay, cruise, trip and lots of luxury items. That’s why a lof of people coming back and forth event they are coming from far countries. The provide world class entertainment both international and local artist. So you would feel you just pay zero for a 100 or 1000 dollars’ worth or concert tickets or live acrobat performance. So keep on playing your luck.