Philippines Long Overdue for Free WiFi

Not everyday you meet someone who has vast knowledge about the history and current condition of the cable and WIFI status technology in the country. Like are you happy that the Philippines does not yet enjoy FREE WiFi unlike some of the neighboring countries that have gone ahead of the RP situation. 

The Federation of International Cable TV and Telecommunications Association of the Philippines or FICTAP eyes a seat in the congress to push their program of having fast internet connection and  free WiFi connection to all Filipinos. Free internet for everyone to equip knowledge in a single click of a finger. They are also pushing the rights concerning the issues in internet, ICT, VAS, Telecommunications, Cable TV, Broadcast and Media.

The organization through its first nominee Estrellita “Neng” Juliano-Tamano, MBA from Cotabato, was able to share her impeccable knowledge in the issues they were trying to push during a blogger’s conference held in Max’s Restaurant along Roxas Blvd.

During the conference FICTAP laid down their programs and explained how it will be resolved.
Here is a list of their target issues:

  • “Improved Free Public WiFi Act which aims to make Free WiFi available in the country.
  • Cellphone Users Act, which aims to give benefits and protection for all cellphone users.
  • Custom SIM Card Act, to have a customize SIM card for Senior Citizens, OFW, Student, Teachers and Mothers for discount and other privileges. But this is optional concerning with the data privacy law.
  • Online Sellers, Buyers & Freelancers Act, which target to strengthen and to widen the e-commerce industry in the country and to provide jobs for Pinoys.
  • Anti-Catfish Law, aims to address the problem with posers online with bad intentions.

Nothing comes easy in the eyes of society. There are times even the people in charge are already in their positions that most of our current undertakings gets to be shelved in some ways that not.

We can try to make a difference if we take these serious matters a closer look at.

FICTAP Partylist #117