Pinay is first and only Asian woman accepted into Les Compagnons Hépato-Biliaires Society

MakatiMed Hepatobiliary Surgeon, Catherine SC Teh, MD with Professor Henri Bismuth, MD, world pioneer in Liver Transplant

PHILIPPINES – Makati Medical Center (MakatiMed) Department of Surgery’s Catherine SC Teh, MD, recently joined the Les Compagnons Hépato-Biliaires, an esteemed society of Hepato-Pancreato-Biliary (HPB) surgeons, in recognition of her outstanding contributions to the field. This prestigious nomination, endorsed by renowned pioneers Professors Henri Bismuth, MD and Daniel Cherqui, MD, solidifies Dr. Teh’s reputation as one of the leading experts in HPB surgery. Dr. Teh is the first and only Asian woman to join the Compagnons.

Les Compagnons Hépato-Biliaires, founded in 1986, has been instrumental in promoting advancements in HPB surgery for 37 years. Comprising 136 distinguished surgeons from 31 countries, this exclusive society aims to create an international scientific and social community to foster progress in the specialty of HPB.

MakatiMed is honored to have Dr. Teh as a member of its well-regarded medical team in the field of Hepatobiliary Surgery. Her induction into Les Compagnons Hépato-Biliaires further highlights MakatiMed’s commitment to providing exceptional healthcare services, incorporating advanced surgical techniques, and maintaining a team of highly accomplished medical professionals.

Les Compagnons Hépato-Biliaires serves as a collaborative platform for HPB surgeons worldwide to exchange knowledge, promote innovation, and enhance HPB surgery practices. Dr. Teh’s membership in this prestigious group will undoubtedly contribute to the continued progress and development of HPB surgery at MakatiMed.