A Promise Well Kept and Maintained by “Papa” Piolo

Everytime I see my good celebrity friend Piolo Pascual, how i always wished I was like him even if in such a small percentage out of all his personal accolades and accomplishments. Even if technically I am much older than Papa P, i feel i am so slow in attaining my immediate dreams and set up goals. 

What I like about him that even if he is besieged by events, engagements, travel, film shoots, teleserye tapings and endorsement requests, Papa P never forgets his responsibilities to his son Inigo and his entire family. 

Assuring their future has always been one of his top priorities knowing that his showbiz career is just a temporary vehicle for most of his dreams to come true which in his more than 20 plus year-career he has been very grateful for. 

And at this state a very assured and insured future awaits Piolo and his insurance partner SunLIfe PH who is going to be a pensioned customer shortly since he has been saving for his future during his younger days as an actor.