Protect Yourself and Your Family with Cleene Ethyl Alcohol Products


A product line to ward off the virus while leaving a mild and refreshing scent.


The world’s current situation has brought up major health concerns, and the demand for hygiene-related products has never been greater. As the country is navigating through the new normal, alcohol has become increasingly important and the one essential you can’t leave home without.

Cleene Ethyl Alcohol products contain 70% ethyl alcohol which is made from sugarcane, a natural source, and can kill 99.9% of germs. Cleene Ethyl Alcohol is not only mild on the skin but has a mild and refreshing cologne-like scent that won’t irritate sensitive smell.


Cleene Ethyl Alcohol is also available in spray format to help you keep it clean and sanitized anywhere you go. Aside from Ethyl Alcohol that kills 99.9% germs, Cleene Hand Sanitizer Spray has Lipacide UG for protection against germs for up to four hours. You can use it freely and frequently without having to worry about ending up with dry hands. The Cleene Hand Sanitizer Spray has Aloe Vera to moisturize the hands and Vitamin E to nourish the skin. It comes in three refreshing scents: Citrus Air (yellow), Green Air (green), and Zest (blue). It’s not just for your hands, either. Spray it on toilet bowls, door knobs, railings, and seats for instant germ protection.


When it comes to warding off the virus, trust Cleene to provide high-quality and affordable Ethyl Alcohol and sanitizer products. After all, the guarantee of safe and reliable protection from germs is the key to staying healthy any time, any day, anywhere.

Cleene is available on Lazada and in Mercury Drug stores, leading chain drug stores and supermarkets and other retail stores near you.


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