Protect as you glow with Myra Protecting Plus Vitamin Lotion

Yes, you are clean and protected, but you end up with dry, cracked skin when you sanitize or wash your hands too often. And when your skin cracks, bacteria and other germs find it easier to get inside the body. What do you do if you still want beautiful, glowing skin, and remain healthy enough to protect yourself from bacteria and germs?

With Myra’s newest offering, you don’t need to sacrifice your healthy glow to stay protected from germs and bacteria. Instantly glowing, healthy, and protected skin is possible. Myra Protecting Plus Vitamin Lotion has all the benefits you love from Myra lotion, but with the benefits of an antibacterial lotion. Now powered by AntibacShield™, Myra’s antibacterial lotion provides more than your ordinary lotion. It keeps your skin protected from bacteria and germs, eliminating 99.9% of germs, but without the harmful, harsh, and drying ingredients. Imagine going about your day with the confidence to stand out because of your gorgeous glow, plus that added layer of protection that you get from AntibacShield™. And because it’s made by Myra, you just know that Protecting Plus Vitamin Lotion will deliver on more than what it promises to do!

AntibacShield™ is paired with 5 Essential Vitamins–Vitamins E, C, B3, B5, and B6–and the combination of these different vitamins have been proven to help repair and protect your skin from damage, giving you that elusive inside out glow. Imagine staying protected and sanitized without sacrificing your smooth, moisturized, glowing skin—you get to #ProtectAsYouGlow!

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