Read before you go to Cebu

My Cebu Trip Adventure Last Week. There's plenty of fish in the Sea, same with plenty of way to catch a fish - I mean way to go and great things to do in Cebu


Cebu became the First Metro in the country compare to Metro Manila. It is the Philippines oldest City and Capital. Also the central trading capital of the Visayas Region. Because this is an Industrial Place. Where you will see lots of manufacturing plant. That’s why my Brother whose a Territory Electronics Engineer based here gave me a tour in this wonderful place. First we went to Lapu lapu Shrine, we did a selfie to  a Datu with a 20 metres bronze statue in Punta Engaño, Lapu-Lapu City. 

We saw a lot of foreigners and tour guide in the area. It feels I’m out of the country here. Maybe because the foreigner population in the area. Good place for historians for we knew the battle between Lapulapu a Native Pinoy tribe leader. And Spanish Soldiers including the famous Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan in 1521 epic battle. 

Great war stories treasure to tell in the history of World and Civil War. Reminds me of a childhood joke “Who killed Magellan? then answered Lapulapu? Who killed Lapulapu answer Kusinero” Referring to a silly boy and kids joke during the 90’s. Next, is we also visit the malls, Cebu Yacht Club and did window shopping in Tamiya area. 

Aside from be biking around the city. Seeing great houses, church, festival, hoops gym. I made a shout out in my social media’s twitter, facebook and instagram Viva Senyor Sto Niño! The Grand Bike Tour de Cebu. Full throttle 8th on the main gear and 3rd on the rear gear. #cebu #lapulapu #biketour #thegrandtour #stoniño #viva #amorestownhouse Nuestra Senora Virgen Dela Regla Parish – Too much for Jeremy Clarkson awesome Brit effect fan. 18-1.jpg


Which I remember watching a lot of his series while travelling to Rio and Amsterdam last Fifa world cup. 4 days of flying from Manila with a stop over in HK, Amsterdam and Taiwan didn’t bother because of the great grand motoring travel adventure show of the trio. Same thing when I rode the Ceres bus, I was relaxed much with its latest Bus with CR the aircon were like a VIP while I watch Fate of the Furious, Great Wall and 9Gag on FastCat on board.

It is also my 1st time to eat crocodile sisig at Tamiya, Basak area. Its great to feel the Bond life in Cebu Yacht Club. With great view of the Bridge connecting the big Islands together. As well as different boats owned by various aficionados around the globe. Its good to have a Bucket Shrimp buffet here. Pit Senior Viva Sto Niño! Bond is Alive Boating Adventures Again – Hipon Festival! Lemonade pls shaken not stir @ Island Central Mactan. 27-1.jpg31.jpg

Speaking of brands and shopping, I’ve been travelling around the world. And I almost see all of the famous International brands here. Such as Nike, Sketchers, LV, Marks & Spencer, Rustans, Robinsons, Rolex and lot more. From Cebu Ceres bus terminal, my brother fetch me then we took a Ramen dojo mix seafood combo and Sichuan spicy ramen Lunch in SM Cebu. Which is  9 hours from where I came from  which is Talisay City, Negros Occidental. 

From there I drove a Motorcycle with my my brother going to Bacolod Ceres Terminal. Then took a Bus via Port of San Carlos en route to Cebu via Fastcat roughly 6-7 hours- then again Bus Travel Land Transportation going to Cebu. Then Taxi going to Amores Subdivision in Lapu Lapu City.  After 2 days of Adventure, I flew to Manila which is only 1 hour flight from Mactan Cebu International Airport.  So I’m back to normal regular office business hours. After visiting my sick parents-family in Negros and brother Cebu.

There’s plenty of way to get there from Manila or Anywhere besides neighboring provinces. Via boat, Car, Bus, Jeep, Motorcycle, Bike, Taxi, Private Car or Airlines. Its good to see the Google Map and Book an Uber or Grab trip for those side trips.  I tried all of them, And its really exciting to explore things. Cebu is known for best Beaches. With 167 surrounding islands & islets, surely you will enjoy best of the world beaches like Bounty Beach or the Malapascua Island, famous for its thresher shark dives.

I’ve got limited time as My brother told me he will bring me to Kawasan Falls, Oslob which is just couple of hours away in the area. I said next time! I’m also thinking about visiting the Santa Fe and Virgin Island in Bantayan. He keeps on telling me about the Waterfront, Radisson Blu, Marriot, Marco Polo Shangrila and Several fine posh hotels in the area. Which cost around 100-500 $USD per night. 

Who knows I might stay there sometime?  For the meantime I stay at his place. Some area were kinda dusty because of a lot of development in the area. So you may wear mask or just always be prepared. 33.jpg

2-3.jpgI adore his pet named Chooey while play ball games. He even goes with you when you sleep or take a nap as he wiggle his tails then play with me. As morning exercise, I trained him. To catch a Pitch baseball then touchdown football morning exercise with star athlete dog called Chooey. 

As the black pet poodle dog cached the bone toy then gave it to me. While I threw it like a Baseball Pro Yankees Pitcher or Patriots QB star Athlete..So, I made a shout out in social media again for the Nth time as a sport fanatic fanboy!  

During the afternoon I was amazed seeing our nighbors playing like Roger Vs Rafa. Kanami! Baskog! Astig! Great tennis ahhhh sport ping sound. Yung kapitbahay mu na may tennis court ang lupit ng ambience #acerafa
#wimbledon #athlete #tennis
#sportsgoal #federer #gandangserenawilliams #venuswilliams #pingpong
#powersmash at Amores Bldg.

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