Reason Why Jeff Horn won over Manny Pacman #pachorn

Excitement, Blood, Techniques, It was a Legal Boxing Fight! No Robbery

manny pacquiao jeff horn
manny pacquiao jeff horn


The question is why Jeff won? Boxing is a very serious business, you cannot overlook and underestimate anyone! I think the Guy is a Manny fan, But he speak from the Mind after its performance #Pachorn Most of the boxing fans including sports superstars are upset because of the result. That is normal because fans make fights. If your in doubt about the score Press mute and watch again the video coming from Online, US, AU and Philippines Press.

I was impressed by the Humility of both fighter. They both showed great sportsmanship inside and outside the ring. But inside the ring it showed who is the real Savage and Brutal. Who’s got a tremendous amount of courage. Because by the end of the fight, It was Manny long time belt title legacy is at stake. Before that fight, I bullied and Said Manny stop fighting Jeff Nobody¬†and I was wrong.

Las Vegas scoring system is only 10 or 9 per round not on landed punch, So its either you win or loss per round. Kulang kay Manny self preservation kaya that nobody became somebody. Hes belt is at stake nasayang lang he should avoid Jeff. This fight is not a Robbery, I think fan should speak from the mind after each every fighter performance result. So you can really give the credit where it was due. But both Manny and Horn fan opinions are respected!

So you will see all angle of the fights. I’m a Manny fan, but this time I will give Horn the victory with 113-115 score. It was a close fight congrats horn mas maliksi si Horn at bumagal si Manny accept defeat as gentlemen na lang. #PacHorn¬†(twitter) pana panahon lang kagaya ng nangyari kay Phil Jackson. You can be a legend before but your time now is over. It was a good fight and Manny you’ve proved a lot already, My respect is still with you. See more of video here.