Taxi driver harasses, leaves student stranded over 500 peso bill

Red Angelo UVU 627 Ateneo de Manila student
Red Angelo UVU 627 Ateneo de Manila student

MANILA, Philippines – A college student almost missed his final exam when a taxi driver harassed and refused to give him change, eventually leaving him at a gas station.

Mark Buraga, a student of Ateneo De Manila University (ADMU), rode a Red Angelo Taxi with plate number UVU 627 on the way to his final exams.

However, things quickly turned sour when the driver refused to give him his change after he paid with a 500 peso bill.

The driver was in a very bad mood and kept blaming Buraga, saying it was not his problem if he did not have any change, and that it was the passenger’s fault for not informing him.

Buraga then suggested that they go to a nearby gasoline station to have his money changed.

At one point, the driver even shouted and cursed at Mark, stopping to talk to another taxi driver (El Pueblo), asking if he had change for 500 pesos.

Buraga kept his calm throughout the ordeal, insisting that as a business, the taxi should be prepared and have enough change for their passengers.

According to Buraga, the driver took his fare upon arriving at Petron but did not take him back to Ateneo and left him there instead.

Buraga added that he tried calling the cab company, Red Angelo Taxi, but was unable to reach them. The phone number painted at the side of taxi is 443-0342.

The original video was uploaded by Buraga on Facebook on December 6.

Below is the full text of Mark Buraga’s post:

I was late for my Final Exam in Ateneo because of this guy from RED ANGELO taxi. I’ve been calling the company but no one is answering.

He didn’t have change for my 500 so we had to go to the nearest gas station (petron jupiter) to break my 500. In Petron he took his fare and didn’t take me back to Ateneo, he left me there.

Kindly share, I want to make sure that the only thing he’ll be driving for the rest of his life is a pedicab. I want his license suspended.

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