REVIEW: Top 7 Reasons Why You Need To Tint Your Car This Summer

Summer is in and we definitely feel the extreme heat. So when I brought up the idea of a family outing, all of my family members were of course excited to soak into the cold seawater to #beattheheat.

All things were ready except for the car that needed to be cleaned. I went to a nearby auto shop for a car wash and one of the crew recommended tinting my car’s windows. The idea was not new; I have been planning to but never had the chance because I was busy with work and travel.

The crewman suggested tint brands, which I checked for specifications and qualities that suit my needs. Among them, one brand certainly rang a bell. It was 3MTM Automotive Tints. 3M is a well-known American industry giant in tint technology afterall. I saw on Facebook that they had an ongoing promotion in all their Banawe dealers, an event aptly named, “Banawafest”.

I further checked the available tints and was amazed that there are a lot. At first, my priority was only visibility and privacy but I learned that it was just one among many good features that 3M offers.


There are tint variants that were shown to me including Crystalline, Color Stable, Black Chrome and Scotchshield. But I was drawn to Black Chrome or “BC” because it has these seven important benefits, which I believe every travel-thirsty car owner can use this summer.

1. Cooling Effect: Black Chrome definitely will keep my family and I cool inside the car because of its pristine reflective tone film that allows only 10% up to 35% of the light to penetrate our car. It is perfect for long travels. Everybody can rest and sleep well while on the road (driver is exempted of course!).

2. Heat Rejection: Most 3MTM tints have heat rejection functionality but BC has the best amongst them. BC helps us stay more comfortable, even if the car is directly exposed to sunlight, because of its metallized film technology. BC tints do not let a lot of heat seep inside and help maintain a relatively cooler temperature compared to outside temperature.


3. Saving on Fuel Expense: With high-quality window tints installed in our car, I think we can save money on fuel expenses, as well. As mentioned, BC rejects most of the solar heat and keeps our car cool inside. This means that there will be instances when we do not have to run our car AC on high even during extremely hot days. Our car will use less fuel to drive the AC and save us a pretty penny.

4. UV Protection: UV rays from the sun are bad for the health and can also cause unwanted tanning, aging, and even skin cancer. BC tints block 99% of the UV rays that hit the window. It has over 1000 SPF, keeping us safe from the adverse effects of UV rays. In fact, Skin Care Foundation recommends this product.

5. Privacy: It can be unnerving for me to know that anyone outside can see what’s inside the car and I’m keen on improving our privacy. BC tint offers low visibility from the outside, protecting people and stuff inside from the prying eyes of strangers and especially potential thieves. There has been a growth in car theft incidents in Metro Manila so better be safe and always ready.


6. Visibility: It is essential that whoever the car’s driver is will have a good visibility of the road despite the tint or the film especially at night or during unexpected downpours. This is where a product of good quality comes in because we want low visibility from the outside but better visibility from the inside. Most 3MTM tints have this feature and BC is no exception.

7. Glare Reduction: Glare is a visual sensation caused by excessive and uncontrolled brightness. Glare, in fact, can temporarily make us blind since our eyes are naturally sensitive to too much light. The good thing about BC is that it is capable of 88% glare reduction so that drivers and people inside the car still see the road even if the sun or streetlights shine brightly.


To give you more specific details on the tint variants I opted for. Below are the specifications of BC10, which I decided to put in the side windows and back window and BC20 for the windshield. (Note: BC10 can’t be on the windshield because it’s too dark. It is important that the windshield is clearer and lighter so people outside can still see a little bit of what’s inside just in case an emergency happens.)



UV Rejection – 99%

Heat Rejection – 90%

Total Solar Energy Rejected – 72%


Visible Light Transmission – 10%

Glare Reduction – 88%


UV Rejection – 99%

Heat Rejection – 85%


Total Solar Energy Rejected – 68%

Visible Light Transmission – 17%

Glare Reduction – 81%

So there you have it, everything is set for our summer adventure. How about you? Just a friendly advice, make sure that you always protect yourself and your family from the extreme heat of the sun, whether you are outdoors or even indoors. For car owners, having your car windows tinted is a must so you can have maximum protection and fun while on the road.

Here’s to a great summer road trip!


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