SAM & KinerjaPay Venture Partnership Revolutionize Earning Power

Good news to all people looking into making their money earn more.

SAM or Smart Asset Managers will soon buy majority shares of KinerjaPay. The former is a registered general business in Melbourne Australia where its founder Rommel Santos, is based.

On the other hand, KinerjaPay is a digital payment solutions in brick-and-mortar businesses in Indonesia and Southeast Asia regions — to promote the growth of e-Commerce and marketplace in the internet by providing users and merchants with safe and secure shopping experience online. It is a publicly listed company in New York Stock Exchange.

With the ongoing talks between SAM and KinerjaPay, Santos said he hopes to bring the two companies’ collaboration to the Philippines after already setting up and building communities in Malaysia and Indonesia

SAM invites subscribers and with a minimum subscription of $300USD, there is a potential of earning monthly incentives of up to 15% of one’s subscription. The amount is used in private crowd-funding for the creation of conventional businesses. There already exist various businesses, where the daily incentives are sourced from.

Santos advocates for the  establishment of more financial opportunities to support economic growth by sharing economy. A subscriber can directly engage in these businesses.

Who is Behind SAM? 

SAM takes its root in Melbourne, Australia and has gone to Malaysia and Indonesia and soon to the Philippines. Rommel Santos is a Philippine-born New Zealander and an Australia-based entrepreneur. He’s the brains behind SAM which was conceptualized in 2018 when a group calling itself Crypto Revolution headed by one Mr. Zale came to Melbourne for a market research and team building recreation.

They met Santos and in no time, the group established the company with the former coining the acronym SAM. As SAM’s founder, Santos is also the president and CEO of Integrated Laser and Complementary Medicine (ILACM), which brought to the Philippines a Russian technology – a non-invasive low level laser therapy for medical patients. It also proposes a well-managed and effective modality that will complement existing medical health regimes of people with recurring medical illnesses.

However, the lure of engaging in business ventures, brought Santos to the exciting world of entrepreneurship and cryptocurrency. He advocates for the creation of financial opportunities to support economic growth with the adaption of digital and conventional businesses in SAM.

With SAM, one only has to subscribe with a minimum of $300USD and get a chance to be rewarded with up to 15% monthly from his subscription. With this concept, Santos hopes to contribute to bring positive changes to Filipinos’ financial state.

A subscriber also has the chance to directly engage in conventional businesses created from crowd-funding of $300USD. So in all, SAM is into digital and conventional businesses.

Meanwhile, ILACM has partnered with prominent doctors and specialists in various fields of worldwide. The technology being used is part of a long research conducted by prominent scientists in Russia for over 50 years.

It was brought to the Philippines by Santos almost a decade ago and it has successfully penetrated the competitive world of health and wellness industry.


We wish Sir Rommel and his business more power to be able to reach more heights of success!  


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