Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Creates New Standards of Durability and Visual Clarity with Corning Gorilla Armor

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SEOUL, Korea – In a groundbreaking collaboration, Samsung and Corning introduce the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, setting new standards for durability and visual clarity in the smartphone industry. The device incorporates Corning’s latest innovation, the Corning® Gorilla® Armor, a revolutionary cover material that combines unparalleled toughness with enhanced display quality.

Corning’s Gorilla Armor goes beyond conventional glass surfaces, reducing reflection by 75%, resulting in improved display readability and minimized screen reflections in various environments. Lab tests showcase its superior durability, outperforming competitive aluminosilicate cover glasses, while the innovative “Scratch Bot” test proves its remarkable scratch resistance, surpassing competitors by over four times.

Aiming for sustainability, Gorilla Armor contains 25% pre-consumer recycled content, aligning with environmental standards. This collaboration symbolizes 50 years of partnership between Samsung and Corning, with Gorilla Glass being a constant feature in Samsung devices, including the Galaxy S23 Series, Galaxy Z Fold5, and Galaxy Z Flip5.

The launch of Galaxy S24 Ultra with Gorilla Armor reaffirms the commitment of Samsung and Corning to delivering cutting-edge innovations crucial to the mobile consumer electronics industry. This partnership continues to shape the future of smartphones by addressing both the need for durability and the increasing demand for superior optics, providing users with a groundbreaking mobile experience.