8K QLED TVs are the next big thing for Pinoy homes – worth the P500k splurge?

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PHILIPPINES – Samsung continues to revolutionize the home entertainment scene with its ever-evolving lineup of innovative products. This year, the global #1 TV brand brings more wow than ever with the arrival of the 2023 Neo QLED and Samsung OLED. The newest generation of screens redefine premium-viewing experiences and set the standard for Filipino entertainment-lovers.

Setting the standard for premium – Neo QLED 8K

Meet the Game Changers – Samsung Neo QLED and OLED TVs are Set to Change your Viewing ExperienceSamsung’s flagship Neo QLED 8K wows with unparalleled picture quality and mind-blowing audio.

At the Neo QLED 8K TV’s core is the Quantum Mini LED, which enhances clarity and reduces blooming to bring out the finer details of every scene. At 1/40th the size of a conventional LED, this state-of-the-art technology provides stunning picture at greater contrast.

Samsung taps artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance the 8K resolution viewing experience. 8K AI Upscaling uses Samsung’s neural analyzer to choose from 64 networks to offer better texture, finer edges, richer details, and less noise. Real Depth Enhancer Pro’s deep learning understands where the eyes are focused to bring more life-like details.


Samsung also brings the magic of AI to the audio experience. Q-Symphony 3.0 and 8K AI Remastering optimize sound based on the room condition and audio content. The result is sound quality just as the creators intended delivered through a Samsung audio experience with Dolby Atmos.

The Samsung Neo QLED 4K is the new standard of entertainment. Its foundation is Quantum Matrix Technology, which improves backlight intensity to reveal details unseen in competing display features. Deep learning applies high dynamic range effects per scene for brighter highlights, clearer details, and vibrant colors.

A different premium experience – Samsung OLED

Samsung AV TV Team

Samsung brings OLED to the Philippines to take gaming to the next level. Powered by 4K AI Upscaling with 144Hz refresh rate to showcase videos and games with vivid details, the newest addition to the Samsung TV lineup offers top-notch playing and viewing experience.

Gamers also get full control thanks to its Game Bar 3.0 that give players instant access to key game setting, such as aspect ratio and frames per second. Also for the first time on an OLED TV, Samsung OLEDs come with AMD’s FreeSync Premium Pro certification for the ultimate OLED gaming experience.

Perceptional Color-Mapping Technology uses real-time AI analysis to create perfect hue expressions, validated by Pantone. Quantum HDR OLED then fine-tunes the brightness and contrast per pixel for deeper blacks and more brilliant highlights. The Samsung OLED also offers sound like never before with Q-Symphony 3.0 and Object Tracking Sound with Dolby Atmos.

Philippine price and availability


The 2023 Samsung TVs are available for Early Order from May 1 to 21, 2023. With the purchase of any Neo QLED or Samsung OLED TV, you will receive a Dolby Atmos Soundbar and 1-year Disney+ Premium Access, giving you everything you need start achieve perfect cinematic experience.

This exclusive offer runs until May 21 only. Don’t miss the chance to grab the complete home entertainment package at once.

Visit Samsung.com or any authorized Samsung dealer to Early Order and experience more wow than ever.

TV SRP NET CASH Free Soundbar Soundbar Value Free Disney+
Neo QLED 8K 85” QN900C 489,999 439,999  Q990C Soundbar 82,499 1-year Disney+ Premium Access
75” QN800C 289,999 219,999  Q930C Soundbar 60,499 1-year Disney+ Premium Access
65” QN800C 253,999 149,999  Q800C Soundbar 33,999 1-year Disney+ Premium Access
Neo QLED 4K 85” QN85C 277,999 249,999  Q930C Soundbar 60,499 1-year Disney+ Premium Access
75” QN85C 183,999 164,999  Q800C Soundbar 33,999 1-year Disney+ Premium Access
65” QN85C 129,999 104,999  S800B Slim Soundbar 29,999 1-year Disney+ Premium Access
55” QN85C 105,999 79,999  S800B Slim Soundbar 29,999 1-year Disney+ Premium Access
OLED 77” S95C 199,999 164,999  Q800C Soundbar 33,999 1-year Disney+ Premium Access
65” S95C 134,999 104,999  Q600B Soundbar 23,999 1-year Disney+ Premium Access
65” S90C 131,999 101,999  Q600B Soundbar 23,999 1-year Disney+ Premium Access
55” S95C 110,999 79,999  Q600B Soundbar 23,999 1-year Disney+ Premium Access
55” S90C 107,999 74,999  Q600B Soundbar 23,999 1-year Disney+ Premium Access