“Science of Gentle:” Cetaphil’s Key to 70 Years Gentler than Water Skin Care

Born out of a small lab in San Antonio Texas in 1947, Cetaphil started out with just one product – the Cetaphil Cleansing Lotion (now known as Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser).  With its potent, yet gentle cleansing power, Cetaphil immediately gained recognition.  70 years later, Cetaphil is now an iconic global brand with presence in 70 countries worldwide.

Cetaphil has also expanded it’s product line from the cleansing lotion to a wide range of skin caring solutions to address various skin needs – Cetaphil Classics, Cetaphil Restoraderm and their latest line Cetaphil Baby. All backed by the “Science of Gentle,”   Cetaphil products cleanses and moisturizes without stripping and damaging the natural barrier of the skin. Cetaphil has no artificial color or fragrance and with just the right PH level, it’s even gentler than water.  It’s no wonder, Cetaphil is the #1 Brand recommended by dermatologists and pediatricians.

70 Years of Healthy Skin Celebration in the Philippines

Cetaphil has long been a well loved brand in the Philippines. With its partner First Tier Media, Cetaphil Philippines joined the brand’s 70th anniversary celebration party last May 17th at the Rizal Ballroom in Shangrila Makati. Various media, celebrities and TV personalities, all clad in white, mingled in a night of beauty, fashion, games, food, music, and prizes. The event was hosted by Ms. Suzi Entrata-Abrera. She was also joined on stage by Mr. Edric Mendoza and his  family, who shared their wonderful journey as Cetaphil’s Family Brand Ambassador. 


Cetaphil’s Family Brand Ambassador: Mr. Edric Mendoza, Ms. Joy Tan Chi – Mendoza and their kids

It was in 2014 when Cetaphil tapped ANC on the Money host Mr. Edric Mendoza, to feature him and his family in their new ad concept. Their family’s story was quite inspiring, it led me to Ms. Joy Tan Chi Mendoza’s blog Family Photo Turns Into A Billboard, accounting the backstory of their journey with Cetaphil.


Galderma Team Ms.Jade Silva Netto-Ponoc, Galderma Ph Consumer Business Unit Head; Ms.Catherine Palma-Dilanco, Galderma Ph Senior Brand Manager and Mr.  Mr. Raghavendra Sadashiva, Galderma General Manager with Mr.Edric Mendiza and Family and Ms. Suzie Entrata-Abrera


Celebrity moms Isabel Oli, Camille Pratts, Say Alonzo and Suzie Entrata-Abrera gracing Cetaphil’s 70th Anniversary Celebration

The event also premiered a post Mothers’ Day tribute video that got some guests teary eyed. Tribute video now up on Cetaphil’s Facebook page @CetaphilPhilippines 

“We should take time out in caring for our skin,” stressed by  Mr. Raghavendra Sadashiva, Galderma’s General Manager in his keynote address during the event. It was such a simple message, but if we come to think of it, most of us are guilty of taking our skin health for granted. It’s high time for many of us to put premium on our skin caring routine and the products that we use.