Shopee Celebrates 10.10 Brands Festival by Enabling Growth and Engagement Opportunities for Filipino Sellers and Content Creators

In today’s ever-evolving digital landscape, e-commerce and content creation have become integral parts of the Filipino entrepreneurial journey. In the countdown to its 10.10 Brands Festival, Shopee hosted a brands and KOLs forum acknowledging this trend and shared key engagement features that enable entrepreneurs in its ecosystem – including sellers and content creators – to continuously thrive.

Elevating the shopping experience with Shopee Live

Shopee Live has been a game-changer for Filipino sellers looking to connect with their audiences in a more personal and engaging way. This feature allows sellers to build trust and rapport with shoppers while showcasing the quality and value of their products. “The way people sell and shop is constantly evolving,” shared Vincent Lee, Head of Shopee Philippines. “Shopee aims to be at the forefront of that with Shopee Live, where we integrate entertaining content with seamless and rewarding shopping experiences our platform is known for.”

Sellers have benefitted from this feature since its launch in 2019. Fashion and beauty products, in particular, have seen remarkable success in this space due to the nature of this feature. Top cosmetics brand Maybelline New York was one of the pioneers of live streaming on Shopee, seeing the opportunity to create deeper connections with their online customers. “Shopee Live helped us address the gap that online shopping was unable to provide vs. offline shopping,” said Denise Peralta, E-Commerce Director at L’Oreal Consumer Products Division (CPD). “Through live selling, our users can easily see our products being tested and swatched, and Shopee Live helps facilitate easy and convenient checkouts for our buyers.”

As a world leader in innovative footwear, Crocs Philippines also rode the livestreaming wave in August 2021, almost instantly seeing positive results from their efforts. That year, Their Croctober Campaign featured a Shopee livestream that Shopee Idol Gem Miranda hosted. It contributed 30% of their campaign sales that day, helping them amass over 1 million shop followers. Shopee Live also helped them consistently engage with their users in more engaging and interactive ways, leading to 25% more conversions vs. an average day. “Over the years we have been in Shopee, we have accumulated a sizable number of followers – currently at 1.4 million,” shared Mark Christian Chan, President of Crocs Philippines. “For us, live streaming is an activity that boosts our conversion that compliments our traffic-driving executions.”

Influencers and content creators are also reaping the benefits of Shopee Live. As an influencer with a growing online presence, Rosenda Casaje, CEO of popular beauty brand Gorgeous Glow, recognized the transformative power of Shopee Live. The interactive live-streaming feature became a platform for her to connect with a broader audience and offer entertaining shopping experiences. Casaje’s journey with Shopee Live serves as an inspiring testament to how local entrepreneurs can leverage these platforms to significantly enhance their business prospects. Through engaging live-streamed sessions on Shopee Live, she has effectively transcended geographical constraints, connecting with consumers from various regions across the Philippines and nurturing a strong sense of community. “Shopee Live was my chance to answer my buyers’ inquiries, so I started doing it everyday,” Casaje said. “Fast-forward to this day, I get 2,000 users setting reminders every time I announce my stream, then I would end it with more than 50,000 total viewers. Grabe! Sobrang laking tulong talaga ng Shopee Live.

Travel and lifestyle content creator, model, and host Raynard Yu joined as a Shopee Livestreamer in April 2020 and is one of the first Shopee Idols to be tapped to host branded live streams on the platform. Notably, he now holds a record of hosting four branded live streams in a single day, earning him the title “The King of Branded Livestreams” within the Shopee community. “My participation in the program allowed me to hone my hosting skills and become one of the pioneers in the realm of live streaming,” said Yu. “Shopee has given me a platform to reach a wider audience and a means to monetize on my unique skill set. I also built a loyal fanbase and community that continues to support me and my endeavors to this day. Overall, Shopee opened many opportunities for me to work with some of my dream brands that I would have never thought would be possible prior.”

Empowering a partnership-based ecosystem with the Shopee Affiliate Program

The Shopee Affiliate Program is a gateway for sellers and content creators to unlock new revenue streams. Sellers can collaborate with content creators to promote their products to a broader audience, leveraging influencers’ expertise in content production and marketing. In return, these influencers earn commissions for driving sales. The program fosters a mutually beneficial relationship where sellers and creators can grow together. It encourages innovation in marketing strategies and opens up endless opportunities for partnerships in the digital realm.

23-year-old Janet Kyla Sophia Cañete, owner of one of the Philippines’ most sought-after jewelry and accessories brands TALA by Kyla, is one such seller who has leveraged the Shopee Affiliate Program to reach untapped audiences and grow their sales through the promotional pushes of Shopee Affiliates. “It’s marketing that goes beyond our efforts, and it also gives other people the chance to speak for us,” shared Cañete. “We also like that it’s also been an extra source of income, especially for our loyal affiliates.”

More sensational seller offerings and 10.10 shopping deals to look forward to

  • Free Shipping with P0 minimum spend: This 10.10, shoppers can enjoy free shipping on all their purchases with no minimum spending, making online shopping more affordable than ever!
  • 70% off Shopee Live Buong Araw: Time to get excited about a whole-day shopping affair with vouchers of up to 70% off on Shopee Live! Vouchers can be used on livestream-exclusive deals from brands such as Maybelline, P&G Beauty, PerySmith, and Locaupin. 
  • 50% off on Fashion & Beauty: Look out for the much-awaited deal of 50% off on all things Fashion & Beauty. Shop from your favorite brands, such as Maybelline, Lovito Official Store, Y.O.U. Beauty, and rom&nd, and score deals that will up your wardrobe and beauty game! 
  • Shopee Mall Outlet: This 10.10, Shopee aims to showcase its support for brand growth and, at the same time, offer shoppers even bigger brand deals with the launch of Shopee Mall Outlet. With its priority of providing the most rewarding shopping experience, the Shopee Mall Outlet enables buyers to purchase more branded products with higher discounts, giving them unbeatable offerings from popular brands such as Beyond the Box, Samsung, Havaianas Philippines, PUMA, The North Face, Hydro Flask, and many more! 
  • Exciting Brand Deals: Shoppers can look forward to a wide assortment of jaw-dropping deals from their favorite brands this 10.10! Techies can upgrade their setup with offers from brands like Oppo Official Store, Garmin, Tecno Mobile, realme, and vivo. Home & living enthusiasts can enjoy thrilling discounts from top brands Coleman Philippines, ASD Philippines, Hegen, and MAYFAIR LIVING. Meanwhile, fashion and beauty lovers can awra on a budget with deals from P&G Beauty, Olay, Innisfree, Above Athletica, barenbliss Official Store, DAZZLE ME Official Shop, Havaianas Philippines, Organic Skin Japan, PUMA, Puritan’s Pride Philippines, Mikana, and Shigetsu.