Sporty and Artistic Humanoid Pet Robots

UBTech introduces Alpha1 and Jimu Robots in the Philippines @ World Trade Center - World of Consumer Electronics Expo (WOCEE) Event in Manila September 21-24, 2017


If Boss Baby got puppies as enemy, well they have both now. And they will takeover so meet the Pet Robots. Why? Because pet humanoid robots can do almost everything now to entertain the whole family. They can dance, play and even do sporting activities. Smart robots for smart kids as building block to share with families and friends. I saw them playing football, martial arts, work, performed task and even dancing at WOCEE Event in World Trade Center  last Sept 23, 2017

As Ironman, Transformers, Power Ranger, Voltes V, Real Steel and Robocop fan these creations impressed me. Apha1 (39 999 pesos srp)  is a perfect companion that can be used for education and entertainment. Designed with 16 high precision robotic servo motor. Its 3d vial programming PRP play pose record function can be easily control by app. It can do push ups, choreo, kung fu, dance even teach your kids follow me motivation performance about fitness and stories. Easy to control and programmed via android devices.

You can even add video and clips so you can transfer sequence via USB.  So you can share joy with the community. As fun educational Alpha1 performs its best dance and sporting stunts. Although it must have adult supervision for 14 years and below. Equipped with built in speaker so you can integrated  and understand the balance of each movement. Its suitable for young amateurs for its finger friendly structural design and shock resistant components. 

See more of dancing and sporting video here, UBtech Robots best known for artificial intelligence and  humanoid robotics introduced STEM friendly Jimu Robots for kids and teens in the Philippines. Jimu available in Astrobot (14 995 srp) 3 pre designed characters such as Astrobot, Astron and Rover. 

Customized design to use your creative geek imagination robotic transformation invention packages includes 5 nervos, 1 sensor, 2 LED and 1 speaker. 1-2.jpg

Buzzbot and Muttbot Kit (13 995 pesos srp) comes with 6 smooth motion robotic servo motors and 260 snap together interlocking parts and connectors.  Tankbot Kit ( 9 995 srp) A great introduction for learning as you imagine tanks that moves in threads with infared sensors. That allows it to puck up and detect object then moved around them.

Jimu kits includes control box, adapter and lithium ion battery. It has interchangeable parts for building your own creations. Mixing with different sets from another like lego building blocks. So carbot, penguin, dinosaur and animals lets transform volt in! Then Robotic servo motors that make it amazingly look like a lifelike movement. High torque robotic servo motor allows fluidity and stability from one hollywood or fashion pose to another. 


Jimu App provides easy to install and follow 3d illustrated building instructions. You can control you Jimu robot via smartphone or tablet like a  joystick remote control in real time. Which has access to portal of online community Jimu enthusiast. It can command pre-programmed actions, do record pose and play then block coding to sequence actions.

A great way to engage kids in Science Technology Engineering Art and Math (STEM)  curriculum though robotics. The application of robotic functions and programming will get kids well prepared in the smart future. It teaches kids learning and computational thinking essential to problem solving and understanding logical, lateral, creative and critical thinking. As well as 3d engineering team building and cooperation trial and error experimentation testing.


During the expo in WTC they introduced its industrial partners and application. Even did contest for both adult robot dancing and kids industrial robot control command task.  Visit and like available in Toys R Us, SM Appliance, Toy Kingdom, Powermac, AHHA, Cyberlab North edsa, Astro, Quest, and other authorized UB Tech retailers nationwide. 

Distributed by Banbros Commercial Inc visit Robotech a company established to provide cutting edge robotic technology. Best  known for artificial intelligence interactive robot builders. “Jimu Robots are win-win for kids and parents”  – James Zhou CEO of UBtech. Because it bridges the gab between learning and fun to the whole family. So are we ready for android robotic fun world? 3.jpg


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