SteelSeries Alias Pro ‘ultimate’ streaming microphone for Pinoy gamers launched

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PASAY CITY, Philippines – SteelSeries, a global leader in gaming and esports peripherals, is set to reveal its latest franchise and the gaming industry’s first microphone solution designed exclusively for gamers at ESGS 2023 in Pasay City, Philippines. With more than two decades of experience in designing and engineering products to enhance the gaming experience, SteelSeries, the premium gaming audio brand, is proud to introduce Alias microphones powered by Sonar for Streamers, ensuring that “Gamers Finally Have a Voice.”

When gamers are in the midst of streaming, they tend to get animated, moving around their gaming setups, shouting with excitement, narrating gameplay, and telling stories with style and personality. Unfortunately, the current market offerings for microphones do not adequately cater to these dynamic needs, preventing users from expressing themselves freely. Alias microphones, on the other hand, provide gamers with the freedom and dynamic range they seek. While other microphones on the market may claim to be 4-in-1 solutions, they often fall short in delivering the performance required.

Streaming while managing the production side of things can be challenging. Unlike news anchors who have a dedicated production crew, streamers often work alone. After three years of development, SteelSeries decided to address this challenge, creating the ultimate microphone system that simplifies the process of simultaneous production and streaming. This combination of hardware and software empowers streamers to sound like professionals without requiring professional expertise.

Ehtisham Rabbani, CEO of SteelSeries, recognizes that gaming is not just a pastime for many; it’s a passion and a lifestyle. He stated, “For decades, SteelSeries has been as passionate about bringing innovative, best-in-class products to the market as gamers are about gaming itself. With the launch of our Alias microphones powered by Sonar for Streamers, we are empowering current gamers, streamers, and content creators, and enabling future generations to create great streams and content for years to come.”

The Alias microphones, powered by Sonar for Streamers, feature a custom-built 1-inch condenser capsule that is three times larger than standard microphone capsules, ensuring precise capture of every gamer’s voice. The finely tuned cardioid capsule pattern minimizes background noise, providing an optimal solution for accurate and impactful vocals. The included shock mount absorbs vibrations, allowing gamers to be expressive during their streams. The result is a sleek and streamlined microphone chassis designed specifically for gamers.

To power the Alias microphone chassis, SteelSeries developed Sonar for Streamers, a high-performance software suite. This free studio-grade software provides streamers with all the tools they need for high-quality audio production, including a 10-band Parametric EQ, broadcast presets, audio routing, precision tuning, mixing, and ClearCast AI noise cancellation. The software is compatible with standard video broadcasting software like OBS and Streamlabs and is designed to avoid frame rate drops by utilizing CPU processing.

By combining Alias microphones and Sonar for Streamers, gamers and streamers can achieve broadcast-quality audio, clarity, and control. The Alias series of mics offers two options:

Alias – Sound Quality and Versatility Combined

  • A microphone designed from the ground up for gamers, offering a 24bit/48kHz broadcast-quality microphone.
  • Displays mic peak levels with a 5-stage LED indicator.
  • Real-time mic monitoring with wired headphones.
  • Customizable RGB lighting.
  • Easy Plug & Play setup.

Alias Pro – The Ultimate Streaming Microphone for Gamers

  • A broadcast-quality XLR microphone with pure and powerful 24bit/48kHz audio.
  • Features a balanced XLR system with pre-amplifier and 48V phantom power.
  • Includes the XLR Stream Mixer for professional-level audio mixing and amplification.
  • Supports dual PC streaming for content creators.
  • Offers Drag ‘n’ Drop Audio Routing for easy mixing.

Gamers no longer need to settle for generic microphones. The Alias and Alias Pro microphones, powered by Sonar for Streamers, are now available for the following MSRP:

  • Alias Microphone: PHP 11,100.00
  • Alias Pro Microphone: PHP 19,555.00
  • SteelSeries Sonar For Streamers: Free Download at

The SteelSeries Alias Pro is available in the Philippines through Lazada and Shopee, with the Alias Microphone becoming available later this month.