Stella Artois Draught Masters Send-Off Party

Like any other good friday night, last friday night was perfectly fine evening to drink , chill and celebrate as Stella Artois, Draft Gastropub The Fort and Booze Online held a send off party for the 3 representatives from the Philippines who will participate in the International Draught Masters competition to be held in Malaysia this June 2016.

The 3 representatives were chosen via a local competition that Stella introduced called Stella Draught Masters. It is a country wide competition of both expert bartenders and Stella Artois fans alike trying to perfect Stella Artois’ time honoured 9-step pouring ritual.


Out of all participants that joined , 3 participants were chosen and all of them came from the same bar which is Draft. These individuals are Raniel Dy from Draft The Fort, Eduardo Mayani II from Draft Alabang, and Jordan Bernarte from Draft Greenbelt. As part of the program, they also performed live how the whole 9-step pouring ritual is being done.

The Purification

This is the part where the Chalice is cleaned and rinsed with cold water so the glass can match the temperature of the beer that’ll be poured with it.

The Cleansing


The Sacrifice

Letting the first few drops of the beer to before placing the Chalice with the logo facing forward under the tap.

The Liquid Alchemy

Holding the Chalice by the stem at 45 degrees without the nozzle tap touching the Chalice

The Liquid Alchemy

The Head

The Chalice with the logo facing forward to the top whilst straightening the chalice gradually without touching theChalice with the tap nozzle


The Removal

The removal of the chalice from the tap while the glass is slightly overflowing with beer.


The Beheading

This is the removal of the slightly overflowed beer foam with a head cutter at 45 degrees and close the tap in one smooth movement

The Beheading

The Judgement

Checking the chalice and making sure that there is the correct proportion between the foam and the beer.I was told that there should be no more than 3 cm of beer foam.

The Judgement

The Cleansing

Cleaning the the bottom side of the Chalice with a water using a circular motion and wiping out excess water with a towel


The Cleansing

The Bestowal

This is the final step where a drip catches is attached on the stem of the Chalice and placed on a clean coaster with the logo facing outward.


During the party as well, the host of the show had a game in store wherein 15 pairs will compete with each other to make the perfectly poured beer. The winner of each pair will then challenge the masters, namely each of the 3 pairs. Being the adventurous type, I also tried my luck this contest and it is way more difficult than it seems.

Me - The frustrated bartender wannabe
Me – The frustrated bartender wannabe



I had lots of fun during the party with the free food, unlimited booze and of course, meeting new people while experiencing new things as well. As for the 3 gentlemen that will present our country this June, I only have this to say : “Go for Gold!”.