Street kids use ‘pamalo’ to extort money from drivers in Quezon avenue

In case you pass by in Quezon avenue, beware of these street kids.

In a warning posted by Gidget Cuisia, she shared pictures of three street children using a pamalo (long rod) to extort money from drivers along Quezon Avenue. The boys were ready to strike those who wouldn’t give them what they wanted

In her Facebook post, she said “Motorists beware!!! Right now, 3 young men extorting money from private and public vehicles along Quezon Avenue corner West Avenue. They have a long pamalo, ready to strike kapag hindi kayo nagbigay. We are looking for law enforcers in the area. Photos taken from our office window.”

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 12.19.18 PM

The pictures were taken from Cuisia’s office window. There were no law officers to help control the situation.

These street children are have become dangerously fearless. How can three young boys be brave enough to intimidate drivers on a busy road in broad daylight? If they can do these things now, what crimes will they commit if they don’t get help soon?

This should serve as a wake up all for the QC government. Maybe it’s time to implement stronger rules and disciplinary action in caring for the street children of the city.