Is Taal Volcano erupting? Get real-time updates via TaALERT mobile app

PHILIPPINES – Staying updated in times of crisis and disaster is a priority. With so much information circulating on the internet, it is often difficult to keep up with which ones are reliable, and more often than not, we are subjected to fake news from untrustworthy sources.

With recent bulletins from Phivolcs reporting consistent volcanic earthquakes in Taal Volcano, and with Alert Level 2 hoisted since mid-March, people remain on high alert, and reliable and timely information about the volcano is needed now more than ever. With last year’s eruption still clear in everyone’s minds, it’s high time we gear up and be better prepared for anything that may happen.

Enter Teralogix’s new app, TaALERT which gives real-time updates about Taal Volcano activities, including information on disaster preparedness and risk areas. It’s an all-in-one platform that compiles all reliable information and news about the Taal Volcano from scientific resources. With easy to use features, TaALERT can help everyone prepare for disaster, communicate with their LGUs and family members, and also give aid to those in need.

Risk Awareness

TaALERT is equipped with a real-time updated map that shows the user’s location relative to confirmed volcanic activity. Reflecting Phivolcs’ published hazard zones, the in-app map allows users to see how far they are from a potential hazard, keeping users informed on what is happening at the moment, and helping them decide on whether evacuation is necessary.

Disaster Preparedness and Response

Other than an information bank, the app also serves as an alert system that allows LGUs to send emergency alerts in the event of a disaster. The app can also pinpoint user location, and can direct users to the nearest evacuation sites or pickup points during an emergency. Emergency hotlines are also easily accessible for everyone.

Safety Monitoring

With TaALERT, LGUs have access to information regarding users’ updated safety status, aiding them in disaster response and management. Users may also join Safety Groups, where they can monitor the status of their family and friends, as well as facilitate possible group evacuations.

TaALERT is currently available for android users via the Google Play Store