Taiwanese company invents compact water sterilization system using UV light

Water is a wonder drink, providing health and physical benefits that ensures one’s well-being. But not all types of water are the same. To get the maximum advantage from drinking water, it is important to use the right type of water to suit one’s needs.

An innovative water purifier designed by Puricom Water Industrial Corp. brings the myriad benefits of drinking water to people. Puricom’s water purifiers use reverse osmosis, a specialized technology that removes more than 95% of particles in the water to bring back its natural, sweet taste. Because of the superiority of its water purifiers, Puricom has been awarded the Taiwan Excellence seal, a testament to its high quality and innovative features.

Puricom’s water purifiers use reverse osmosis, a specialized technology that removes more than 95% of particles in the water to bring back its natural, sweet taste.

The Puricom system was designed to promote the importance of health to its users, stressed Lily Chen, Sales Manager of Puricom Water Industrial Corp.  “Filipinos are very health conscious, and they are very concerned about the quality of the water that they drink. We are very glad to be of help in bringing them the benefits of purified water,” she said.

Unlike other purifiers that offer just one kind of system for all customers, Puricom offers choices to customers to suit their individual preferences. For instance, users can put in an alkaline improver filter or a mineral added filter.

“Tap water usually has chemicals and chlorine added to prevent bacteria. In certain countries such as US and Philippines, hard water instead of soft water is being supplied through tap, meaning the tap water contains minerals such as calcium and magnesium.  In this case, the minerals contained in hard water may react to tea leaves or powder drinks and affect the test and appearance.  Hard water may also cause excess consumption of soap due to difficulty of bubble forming in the presence of these minerals,” Chen said.

It is advised that tap water go through a purification process before usage. In order to provide total solution to meet different consumer preference, Puricom offers several options of post filters after having the inlet water purified.

There is the Alkaline Improver can adjust the pH level of the water to make it more alkaline, which said to neutralize the PH value of the fluid in drinker’s body, bringing it to a healthier status. Mineralized Post filter, another type of water purifier, introduces the right amounts of minerals in the water, which are essential to good health, especially in the transmission of signals from the brain.

To appeal to homeowners, Puricom’s UV light water sterilizing system also embodies this design aesthetic. Unlike traditional ones with unsightly stainless steel cases to block UV light, the Puricom system has a transparent case that filters 99.9% of the UV light. The transparent case allows the user to see the sterilizing process while the UV light brightens up the cabinet where the devise locates.  The sterilized air from the devise also helps to repel and keep insects away from the cabinet.

“We introduce innovations to suit the lifestyle and needs of customers, not just for use in their homes but also for industrial and commercial use. We try to conduct the idea of integrating lifestyle home appliances into modern homes, improve the presentation of household items and also bring effective products that can make customers really enjoy the many benefit of waters. This way, we are able to enhance their lifestyles and health,” concluded Chen.

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