The Art of More

Ever wondered what the lives of those people in auction houses are like? We see them throwing away millions for a collectible and the auctioneer seeming nonplussed that we can’t help but wonder, when the lights turn off and they leave at the end of the day, are they regular people just like us or they live in a completely different world?

Premiered on May 24 at Sony Channel, “The Art of More” is an original Sony production.  The drama explores the foible and surprisingly ruthless world of premium auction houses, filled with smugglers, hustlers, power mongers and collectors of the beautiful and the bizarre. It follows a blue-collar young man, Graham Connor (Christian Cooke), who leverages his way into this exclusive existence by utilizing his connections to the antiquities black market he was exposed to as a soldier in Iraq.



Dennis Quaid, also as the executive producer, stars as the charismatic real estate shark Samuel Brukner who has a penchant for ill-gotten art. Brukner is the life of the party, but when it comes to his money, he can be ruthless, shrewd and corrupt.  Kate Bosworth plays Roxanna Whitney, daughter of the CEO of one of the two warring auction houses — and a leading account executive. Although she was born into this exclusive world and thrives in it, she is riddled with insecurities that drive her to be a formidable executive in her own right.

Whether a buyer, seller or something in between, everyone in “The Art of More” is chasing something they covet and struggling with the extent they will go when unchecked by morality.

Sony’s first one-hour scripted drama series The Art Of More premieres May 24, Tuesday at 8.50pm, first and exclusively on Sony Channel.