The Gaming House: Pinoy eSports show gears up for debut episode

PHILIPPINES – The Gaming House, an e-sports gaming show produced show by Tier One Entertainment gears up for its debut with bigger amenities, and exciting challenges. Presented by Grab, its debut will feature popular brands, including:

  • Warner Music
  • Acer Predator
  • Smart Communications
  • Mountain Dew

Other brands include Condura, IKEA, Peculiar, Madhouse Design, Arcanum, and B Coffee

We cannot stress how honored we are to have this many trusted brands believe in our vision, especially with a show concept as experimental as this. When we started Tier One I said brands who didn’t pay attention to the digital shift would be left behind

But with The Gaming House, it’s clear that the best brands are paying close attention to the video game industry these days.

– Tryke Gutierrez, CEO

With a sponsor lineup like that, The Gaming House is poised for success from top to bottom and from wall to wall.

Watch out for the premiere episode of The Gaming House on Facebook.