The Scarlet Stockings by Benilde School of Design and Arts


When an audience sees ballet dancers, they see a gossamer parade of young bodies on show. Nymph-like and lithe, ballet dancers have personified the epitome of ethereality for centuries. However, no one ever has the nerve to peer behind the velvet curtain to see the true grit of a ballerina’s life.

From a young age, the female ballet dancer trains relentlessly, in the hopes of one day rising to fame, of becoming a star. Unfortunately, for most young dancers, the possibility of that dream becoming a reality is slim. It is more likely that she will spend most of her career in the corps de ballet; the ensemble group dancing in unison around the featured soloists.

The dynamic of the dancers who make up the corps de ballet is unique only to them. Despite sharing a bond closer than blood; they are painfully aware of how short their careers are. Every girl in the corps de ballet prays to be noticed, to be promoted, and to achieve her dream.

Adrienne, is one of the many swirling bodies in the backline of the corps.

Adrienne is a young dancer with the Grinkov Ballet, talented, but often ignored by the company’s merciless director. She finds a pair of scarlet stockings, after which she is suddenly catapulted to fame and stardom. She finds a pair of scarlet stockings, after which she is suddenly catapulted to fame and stardom.

Unaware and dismissive of the heavy price attached to the stockings; Adrienne’s manic obsession with keeping the power she believes they possess to herself escalates, and she begins to lose touch with reality.

The Scarlet Stockings features set, lighting, and sound design by some of Benilde’s best young talents; as well as the scholars Ballet Philippines Dance School (both past and present).

With original choreography by Cheska Reyes (formerly a scholar of Ballet Philippines) The Scarlet Stockings, Benilde’s first fully balletic dance thesis production in nearly a decade, intends to take audiences on a journey, and show them physical and emotional struggles of what is arguably the country’s most difficult and underappreciated career. What is the price of attaining a goal? Where does one draw the line between ambition and obsession?

The Scarlet Stockings will be showing on March 10 (7pm) and March 11 (7pm), at the 5th flr School of Design and Arts, SDA Theater, College of St. Benilde, Pablo Ocampo St, Manila.

For ticket information, visit or contact 09064680226