Case of abortion? The truth behind the woman who gave birth to a snake revealed!

A report by Bombo Radyo Koronadal has recently revealed that a 37-year-old married woman from Koronadal City has apparently given birth to a 2-foot long snake on Tuesday, February 16.

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Based on Bombo Radyo Koronadal’s exclusive interview with the woman’s parents, the woman, whose name is withheld for privacy reasons, initially experienced symptoms of morning sickness such as vomiting, weight loss as well as loss of appetite due to unbearable stomach pain. The woman later confirmed that she was pregnant after undergoing pregnancy test and ultrasound scan in the hospital.

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The ultrasound of the woman’s womb

However, doctors were unable to verify if the woman was indeed carrying a child since its shape was unusual and had a long body.

Clueless with their daughter’s condition, the parents decided to bring the woman to several faith healers. However, out of 7 faith healers, only one claimed that he could remove what’s inside the woman’s womb.

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Aling Perla, the woman’s mother denied the rumors that they created the story to hide the crime of abortion.

After undergoing almost a month of “treatment” with the faith healer, the woman reportedly gave birth to a creature similar to a snake in front of her parents, relatives and several witnesses. Allegedly, the snake’s teeth resembled that of piranha’s.

Although the snake was still alive when the woman gave birth to it, it was the mother who killed it using a sharpened bamboo called a “bagakay”. The snake’s lifeless body was also burned by the woman. The woman is recovering from the ordeal.

However, the report of Aksyon 5 denied the rumors as police reports lately revealed that the issue was allegedly raised to hide a crime. The report said that the mother underwent “abortion” since the child is allegedly an offspring from a scandalous situation.

Neighbors also suspected that the creature in the photo is not snake but an “Igat”, a native fish in their town.

Screen Shot 2016-02-27 at 1.40.08 PM
The picture of an “Igat”, a native fish in the town

Meanwhile, the woman who gave birth in the unknown creature went into hiding after authorities started to conduct an investigation.