Three ways to a fearless self-expression, brought to you by Olay and Lazada 11.11 Celebration

People are naturally drawn to create human connections, and the better we are in self-expression, the stronger the connections we build. Self-expressions, however, may not come instinctively to some of us; 2 out of 3 people have experienced feeling afraid of expressing themselves, or sharing what they truly feel because they feared people would judge them or because they just don’t really know how to accurately express themselves.

Our need for self-expression has allowed us to constantly find creative ways to convey our emotions whether through pictures, hashtags, or emojis. In a recent study showed that 78% have used slang terms while 64% of them actually use emojis and slang words more than 5x a day when they communicate whether verbally or written, whatever the form is, we need to show the world who we are and how we feel.

Olay is one with all the women who want to fearlessly express themselves sans the fear of being judged. Introducing the Olay limited-edition packs that hope to inspire women to be more confident to share what they feel inside to the outside world. These Olay limited-edition packs bring to life the fun and colourful expressions of the Millennials via some of the classic and popular hashtags, slang terms, and emojis of this generation.



Did you know that #GOAT stands for Greatest of All time? Best to describe the Olay Regenerist Micro-sculpting Cream because it’s a timeless classic that continues to deliver results over the years and continues to be part of many women’s skincare routine. This moisturizer has proven its benefits through generations and continues to be #GOAT.



Basically, this means to impress or amuse. #SLAY with Olay Whips, one of the newest editions to Olay’s line-up. Whips challenges skincare norms and is absolutely slaying it with its revolutionary technology. Its lightweight, non-greasy formulation has slayed the traditional skincare routines – why worry about being oily when you can #Slay with Olay Whips!



Need I say more? Achieve a #LIT glow up from within with the Olay White Radiance Essence. This new-generation essence helps women #GlowUp and radiate confidence to be the brightest they’ve always aspired to be.


How you present yourself still plays a very important role in effectively expressing yourself. Maintain a clear and radiant skin and continue to #GlowUp with the Olay Power Duo.  The Olay White Radiance Light Perfecting Essence and Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream work together to reveal a healthy, plump and radiant skin—making you fearless to express yourself.


Never again will you be afraid to express yourself better with Olay’s limited-edition packs available this November 11, 2019 on your Lazada app or Lazada page. (Lazada link)


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