Tier One Entertainment expands their roster and welcomes Knite, Hakken and Shunsuke into their talent pool

MANILA, Philippines – Tier One Entertainment is proud to announce our first batch of new Tier One talents for 2022: Knite, Hakken, and Shunsuke.

With these latest signings, we wanted to focus on expanding our roster of talents in a new direction, both geographically and thematically. Hailing from Greece, Malaysia, and Switzerland respectively, these talents showcase our dedication to going international; championing the Tier One mindset and culture across as many countries and cultures as possible.

Some may wonder why we have chosen to suddenly pivot away from our usual gamer-centric signings. The long answer is that Knite, Shunsuke, and Hakken are professional models and cosplayers of the utmost quality. They have built their names on creating fantastical art pieces with their fashion and are the very definition of top tier when it comes to the level of imagery they can produce. With decades of modeling experience between them, they have worked with some of the biggest brands in fashion and gaming, and graced various conventions around the world.

The short answer is that these individuals are Truly Top Tier, and their values align with ours.

“Having world-renowned cosplayers as colleagues means a lot to me, and is a big breakthrough for Tier One Entertainment,” says our Chief Creative Officer and Co-Founder Alodia Gosiengfiao.

In a statement Knite, Shunsuke, and Hakken says, “With this opportunity, we hope to deliver even bigger and better content to share with the world. The possibilities are endless. Everyone’s hard work and passion for Tier One is so inspiring, and we really look forward to working with the Tier One fam and growing together.”

Apart from pushing Tier One into a brave new direction, artistry, and bringing in more international fans for our brand, this group of talents will bring completely new perspectives on content creation to our existing roster. We can’t wait to see how they inspire our other talents to level up their looks as they interact with one another.

Our CEO and Co-Founder Tryke Gutierrez added that: “The addition of Hakken, Knite, and Shun to our roster is a big milestone for us. They have an eye for excellence that fits with our culture. I want to see what these cosplay titans can teach to our existing talents and vice versa. It’s going to be a treat for fans everywhere.”

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