Top-10 First Date Rules: Don’t Screw Up

Every time we go on a date, our head is full of concerns, and we hope that everything will go well.

Remember: there will never be a second chance to make a good first impression. If you were lucky enough to ask a girl out, follow these first date rules for men, and you’ll have a chance to see her again.

10) Be punctual

Only girls can afford to be late for a date. It’s unforgivable to come after your companion. Make a good impression on her and come on time. It will be even better if you come early.

9) Observe proper etiquette

The right way to win the girl’s heart is to behave respectfully, politely, and well-mannered. Sure, some ladies like rude assholes, but it’s probably not your case. So open the door for her and let her go ahead. By the way, make sure that you eat right (eat with your mouth shut and don’t rush). And last but certainly not least: don’t swear!

8) Welcome to the 21st century

Almost all women prefer letting men take the initiative, but the rare ones can stand an indulgent tone. Of course, you can offer her something from the menu, but there’s a possibility that she knows how to read, so let her choose herself.

One more thing: women, as a rule, don’t speak well of other women. Sometimes it’s justified, and sometimes they’re just jealous. Despite this, try not to say something indecent about other girls; otherwise, you won’t see the second date.

7) Questions and answers

Even following first date rules for guys, some dudes screw up. Why? They begin to ask too complicated questions which is not the key to success in women dating. Remember: the first date is not the time to make your companion feel like a fool.

6) Have a sense of humor

It’s good that you can joke. But a girl may not understand your sense of humor and think that you’re mocking her. This doesn’t mean that you have to hide your sense of humor far away. After all, women like have some laughs from time to time. But you need to dose your wits. If she wants to laugh, she’ll go see a stand-up show.

5) Don’t take her to “your” places

There are several places where you can walk with your eyes closed and feel at home. But don’t go there with your new girlfriend. A lot of men make this mistake.They just want to show to their companions how popular they are. But can the reputation of a party maker do anything good for you? And what if you break up after your first date? Do you really want other girls in “your”place to think that you’re not single?

4) Modesty is great

Girls marry wealthy guys, and there’s no surprise about that. Yes, if we offer two identical men to a girl, she’ll prefer the one who is richer. But it doesn’t mean that you need to show your wealth to everyone.

3) Don’t’ involve your ex

This is one of the most important first date rules. It doesn’t matter why you broke up, there’s no place for your ex at this moment. It won’t bring anything but trouble. Your new companion may think that you’re still emotionally connected to her, and she doesn’t want things to get complicated. On the other hand, it’s good if she starts wondering about your past. Make this an intrigue, but don’t overdo it.

2) Ask a second date

All these talks about hobbies, interests, and dreams can guarantee you the round 2. Just don’t keep your mouth shut by the end of the evening. Maybe this is the best moments in your life, but will it lead to anything if you don’t ask for more? Forget about shyness and ask her out to somewhere else. Take her to the cinema, for example. The choice is yours.

1) Don’t use the “L” word

A lot of guys still don’t understand whether it’s OK to say “I love you” on the first date or not. Of course, it’s not OK, but there are exceptions. For example, if she herself told you these words, and you don’t mind spending the rest of your days with her. But in this case, you won’t need any rules for a first date. 


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