Top Summer Break Ideas Ex Manila

A summer break in Manila? Well, that is the best combination you could enjoy. After all, this is one of the best cities to enjoy the summer and those activities under Manila sun is just perfect for families, kids, and friends. Take advantage of the summer and find reason o go out and enjoy the treasure trove of fun activities you will find here. There is indeed no shortage of destinations here in Manila to find a quick escape from the heat. You can go under the waters or climb higher to the cooler mountains. You can trek, swim, surf or bike or enjoy cool water rides. The choices are simply endless!

Here are some great ideas to enjoy your summers in Manila.

Explore the beaches– Manila boasts of several beautiful beaches, and some of the most popular include Siquijor, Pagudpud, Batangas and Negros Oriental. These are the ones one must definitely check out because of dazzling white sandy beaches and crystal-clear blue waters. It is like a paradise away from the crowded city. One can spend a relaxing day on the beach or cool down by swimming in the waters. Those beaches are just perfect for r family vacation trip.

Head for the Mt Pinatubo– The famous volcano is just close to Manila and a haven for the nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. Be sure to include this one on your bucket list as you get the best of both worlds. After the long adventurous hike, you can enjoy a refreshing swim in the crater lake of the volcano. Get rewarded with breath-taking views of the volcano and the surroundings from the top.

Enjoy Aqua Planet – What could be better than being in the water on a hot summer day? Head for Aqua Planet, the biggest water theme parks in Asia. The water theme park has already become a hot destination for the locals as well as the tourists. Located in Clark, the water park is massively huge, and one can spend the entire day here having fun with their family. Enjoy all the water rides and have great food and fun and take luxury summer breaks.

Masungi Geo Reserve– Located near Manila, enjoy a quick tour to Masungi Georeserve. The major attraction of the reserve is the spine of limestone formations that extend for more than ten kilometers. The reserve is just ideal for adventurous hikers and ecotourists. Enjoy looking at the full range of flora and fauna as well as test your skills on those rope obstacles, ladders, and bridges. Tatay and Nanay are the most favorite limestone peaks. Seek shelter from the hot sun in the cave, Yungib ni Ruben, and from here, you can enjoy the views of Laguna de Bay.

Zambales – Located on the northernmost side, Zambales is best known for its pristine beaches and fresh seafood as it directly faces the sea. Drive along North Luzon Expressway to reach Zambales. You can drive your own vehicle or take a bus to save money. Once you reach

Zambales, you can enjoy the beaches with crystal clear waters as well as the scenic coves. After all, this is where water meets the forest. Major attractions include Capones Island, Potipot Island and Anawagin and Nagsasa Cove.

Taal Lake Aqua Park– You must make a trip to the enormous inflatable trampoline park that is just t 2 hours away from Manila. Taal Lake Aqua Parkis located in Batangas and floats just off the shore of Taal Lake. You will love this unique white park floating in the lake with stunning views around. The aquapark is the tallest inflatable waterslide in the country. It is indeed a cool place to get away with your friends and family.

Tagaytay – Another spot to escape to in Tagaytay, which is among the coldest places in the Philippines. So, if you are looking for a quick break from the heat, you must come to the most famous point near Metro Manila and enjoy the pleasant atmosphere with fresh, clean air. Escape the heat and crowd of Manila and explore Tagaytay.

Flow House Manila – Another fun and cool spot in Manila to get respite from the sun is Flow House Manila or Cavite. Tucked away inside a quiet Cavite, it is the secret surf spot of Manila and a surfer’s dream. Enjoy sports entertainment that mixes surfing and have fun with your family and friends. Enjoy good food, beers and parties at the first ever artificial flow surfing spot in Manila.

Laguna – Another hidden paradise near Manila is Laguna. What will strike you about the spot is its untouched nature made of rainforests and waterfalls. Moreover, you get to taste Laguna’s cuisine of the Southern Tagalog region. Recommended spots to see and explore include Seven Lakes, Rizal Shrine, Nuvali, Majayjay Falls and Cold Springs, Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery, Hulugan Falls, Cavinti Falls, and Paete Town.

Bike Playground – The Bike Playground is the latest cycling facility that has been designed by Claudio Caluori, the mountain bike celebrity. Located at Circulo Verde, one can spend some time under the shade here and try out their biking skills on the first indoor and first asphalt pump park of the country. The professionally designed tracks offer a variety of turns and exciting humps.

Batangas– Another cool summer break spot in Manila is Batangas. The historic destination is just a few hours away and has so much to offer. You can look forward to a gastronomic adventure along with adventure trekking. Batangas will always have something for you as you walk through the historical sites Recommended sites include Taal Volcano, Matabungkay Beach, Balayan Town, Taal Basilica, Taal Heritage Town, Lipa Cathedral, Mt. Carmel Church, Batangas Basilica and much more.


The above is not a comprehensive list for the holidaymakers looking for cool summer break in Manila. However, the above recommendations are certain, to begin with, and add to your bucket list. So, take advantage of being in Manila during the summers and rejuvenate and refresh yourself in the cooler side of the city.