The top things to check before using a table saw

Table saws are very functional tools. A table saw can be used for a wide range of purposes.

Looking to use a table saw? Whether it be using the dust extractor pipes right or the saw mitre gauge, using one isn’t as easy as it sounds. Don’t worry – let us make things easy for you.

Sideways movement of the blade – With the power off, check for any movement in the blade.

Table Saw Rip Fence – These fences need to remain parallel to the blade. If they aren’t, your table saw will not work properly.

Table Saw Mitre Gauge – This should slide smoothly and be secure in place.

Table Saw Extractor Pipe – This should have enough suction to remove the dust. 

Let’s take a look.

Sideways blade Movement

Ensure that the blade does not move sideways. Switch off all power options. Keeping the blade at the top- check for bends, flexes or whether the blade moves from side to aside.

See whether the retaining nut or the clamp end fixing the blade to the motor is lose and fix it- if necessary. If you have any sideways movement your cuts will be off / rough. A good table saw blade is one of the most important aspects of the table saw and the first thing to check. 

Rip Fence of the Table Saw

Rip fence must be completely parallel to the edge of the blade at all times. The miter block should slide in easily in the guide slots- when used for cuts of varying degrees. After locking, they should stay rigid. What you need to remember is that rip fences should always be parallel to each other.

This is what will ensure that the timber stays put the way it is meant to be. Additionally, the cuts will ensure that the timber slides in to the guide slots easily and you can lock them. You will then not have to worry about it loosening while working.

Table Saw Mitre Gauge

The table saw miter gauge must be flexible- sliding easily with no sticking and staying firm- once locked. If there is wobble in the slide then chances are the angle will be incorrect.  The angle indicated on the miter guage should be correct but it is always worth checking. 

Table Saw Extractor Pipe

The ideal position of the extractor pipe is being centred to the blade guard- positioned as close to the blade as possible. In the majority of the cases, they are fixed to vacuum- with a rubble bag attached to the pipe’s end. Just check to see that the suction works and sucks enough air to removes the dust that is created.

Summing up

Those are the major things to look for when using a table saw. If any of these does not meet the requirements of the check they may need to be fixed, replaced or in some cases you may need to purchase a new table saw.

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