Tower of Fantasy x EVANGELION: Open-world MMORPG teases iconic mecha anime in latest update

In an announcement made today by Level Infinite and Hotta Studio, Tower of Fantasy, the popular open-world MMORPG available on PC and mobile platforms, is set to welcome a collaboration with EVANGELION in 2024. The collaboration will feature renowned EVANGELION characters like Asuka Langley Soryu, Rei Ayanami, Shinji Ikari, and the iconic Evangelion Test Type-01 into the expanding universe of Tower of Fantasy. This collaboration will introduce limited-time simulacrums, plots, outfits, and customized vehicles, offering players an exclusive experience within the game.

Moreover, Tower of Fantasy is gearing up for its upcoming 3.5 update titled “Electrifying Winter Rhapsody,” scheduled for release on December 21. The update will unveil a new main storyline titled Domain 9: Extraterrestrial Visitor, where the inhabitants of Domain 9 are engaged in investigating the Darkform retrieved from Hendeca following a period of tranquility after their visit to Hendeca County. Additionally, new allies from beyond the Domain are aiding in deciphering the mysteries surrounding the Omnium reactor at the Infinite Sundial.

A fresh challenge awaits players with the introduction of the new boss, Dark Wretch: Forlorn Minister, in the 3.5 update. This formidable foe, once a respected swordsman within the Domain Guard, met his tragic fate during an expedition to Hendeca County, transforming into a Dark Wretch endowed with teleportation abilities. Notably, a fragment of his consciousness remains, resulting in a distinct boss encounter unlike any other.

The collaboration with EVANGELION and the forthcoming Electrifying Winter Rhapsody update are highly anticipated events for Tower of Fantasy enthusiasts, promising an expanded universe and thrilling challenges within the game.