Travel to Davao Housing, Livelihood, Farming and Sustainable CSR Projects

DSWD Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program - Philippine Government Project under the Department of Social Welfare and Development aims to get rid of extreme poverty.

Couple of days ago from September 12-14, 2018. I flew to Davao to see the DSWD program called 4P or the "Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program" Lately I've got the chance to experience religious travel and then environment advocacy related tour. It was my first time to join this Government social advocacy tour. 

The last time I was in Davao was last 2015 where we did great race adventure diving and inter island water sport in Samal Islands. Anyways, 1st is that we went to Holsim Plant in Davao to see the brief Overview Presentation of the Housing and Material Recovery Project. 

Holsim one of the biggest taxpayer in Davao since 1996 aims to make the people skillfull so that they can take care thier family. Like cellphone repair skills so they can make daily income in parnership with TESDA training. 

As the build more contractors to support its skill so later they will become more stable and independent. So its not about feeding because later they might go hungry again, its more than that. They trained and did support. Just like showing and teaching them how to fish. 

Also they build its own house and Holsim donated 54 million worth of 3 hectare land to the Barangay Local Government Unit. And the 43k pesos capital financial assistance in making concrete hollow blocks.

They also added 10 million for skills enhancement such as masonry, plumbing, carpentry and concrete hollow block production. This handyman skills were came handy for construction site development, road networks, water drilling and drainage system.

DSWD provide 9 million for the Modified Shelter Assistance Program (MSAP) and 2.9M for cash for work. Where workers recieve 260 pesos daily as they build thier new community. 

BLGU released 295k counterpart for food during training skills enhancement session, 21k for social preparation and 250k for construction management. Part of this were the 36 Pantawid Pamilya beneficiaries. As they became an organized institution called "Pag Asa Ilang Homeowners Assiociation Inc. (PIHOA).

The house were built or do it yourself by the benificiary itself, with the help of multisectoral partnership of DSWD/Private/NGO's programs. Its a complete package so that hey have power and water in the area. 139 families living along Ilang riverbanks built home it this joint project of Holcim and DSWD. As several families who lived along river struggled whever flood waters rise.

Residents of Brgy Ilang may not easily forget the economic and emaotional pains bought by the floods. The rehabilitation of their homes and livelihood were finished last 2016. Its human spirit were uplift with the help of Holsim, DSWD and CSSDO unite the villagers with this initiative recovery.

After Ilang, we travelled to Brgy Mahayag (Modern Recovery Facility) as Joseph Sarili show us on they decompost its own solid waste. To make organic fertilizer as the income were distributed to barangay and beneficiaries. To sustain Barangay school and backyard gardens of the pantawid members.

Next is to several Gulayan sa Barangay, which  an initiative in creating communal garden to provide them with nutritous food at the same time additional source of income. The stories behind this is worth sharing to the public. 

Bahay Kubo farming is quite rich because of this sili. As I return to Manila 5 days ago I realized that they were quite fortunate enough because they have house like these in the province. Not much more in Manila where most of the people don't own a house property or garden and just did rent. 

Blogger friends did fly several drones to see the birds eye view of the whole development. From housing to farm gardening projects as well as tourism to promote the City CSR. To encourage more private sectors to support and follow this model city government initiatives. 

Organic farming to help students figth malnutrition at the same source of baon or extra family income. Sineskwela Teacher, Students and Boyscouts School Community Gardening. at Mahayag National High School. We did several interviews and videos about the tour on social media see #dswd #astignation #astig #pantawidpamilya.

Ayan na ang pang Ms. Universe gulay meteor garden impromptu sineskwela mathinik style endorsement ng mga high school. Kaya ako I grew strong because of this kind of garden and tortang talong. 

Holsim Philippines Davao Plant – While on Tour for Safety briefing, Presentation of Housing Project and Material Recovery. Build build, feed feed, train train, fast fast, eat eat program. Imagine that 4.5 million of cement bags  per month? So they take care of the people that help them produced that huge volume. 

As part of healthy ecosystem mutual benefits. So many programs to follow as a role model to every cities and barangay in the entire 7000 islands – May Pabahay, Pa Gulay, Pa Training at Patrabaho si Kompanya. 

A widow were able to sustain her family daily living via Sari Sari Store. And able to develop or remodel her house as part of the Pantawid Pamilya benifeciary. Visit for more info.