Tricks to Win Online World Travel Luxury


I’ve won more than a dozens of world trip. Including major world sporting events like World Cup, Lemans, MotoGP, Festival, Racing, Beerfest, Ski, Disney and several F1 world race trip-tours. Most of it are coming from easy online contest. So here’s my tips to fulfill your dream of travelling around the world the fastest and easiest ways. They may say that there’s a travel bucket list, but the truth is when we get to appreciate  the beauty of travelling.  

It may sound that my travel bucket list is already fulfilled. And guess what its still not. So here’s what I’m still working on NBA Finals, Ryder Cup, Champions League, Superbowl, Wimbledon, Masters, Nascar, The Hobbit, Euro Luxury Cruise, Indianapolis 500, Floyd TBE Boxing Club, Las Vegas Main Boxing Events, UFC Main Event, Hanging out with World Champs, Hollywood, 007 Movie Scenes Trip, Monaco Glitz and Glamour OMG its a lot more.    

It became a constant unfulfilled sky as the limit full of bucket lists. Travel after travel every month or every other month or year. So are even travel every week or other week. I’m an ordinary employee by day, but some days and week and days of life. I live like a billionaire because I won premiere travel contest. Hanging out with Hollywood and Sport Superstars. All of these tricks I just discovered  it accidentally.

Follow and Join Online Contest – For me I follow several world contest website bloggers source like,,, and dozens of them. They have certain contest listings daily that is exclusive only for several country but also world contest that is open for everybody. All you have to do it to join them. You can even look for bloggers that blog contest in your area.


Set Up Google Alerts – Lets say you’re a Basketball Fan. You may set up a google alert keywords like (Win NBA, Win NBA Trip or your may mix Keywords) So that every-time theirs a news about that contest it will automatically sent to you daily, weekly or even daily as you set it up. It may case I set up for Win F1 Race, Free F1 Trip and F1 contest Worldwide. And guest what? It informed me a lot then I won several all expense race trip  times. 

It may take like hundreds or even thousands of attempts and hours of time of serious study. Because people will only recognize your winning. But doesn’t the number of days and hours of you sacrifice on how to win it or make that things happen.  But its really worth the effort. 

Same goes to any other sport of youe interest like Football, Victorias Secret Fashion Snow, Bruno Mars, Beyonce, Chainsmoker or JB concerts, Tennis, Boxing, Golf, Poker, Horse Racing Etc. You can even set up for a specific country or Event of your choice. Like Enter and Win World Cup, World Cup Free Trip or Enter and Win Trip to UAE, Enter and Win Trip to Brazil, Win a Brazil Trip or Win UAE Trip.

Be Friendly or Follow Contest Winners – If you saw people winning don’t do be jealous or do sour graping. Instead be happy that you knew them. Take it as a challenge and goal to fulfill someday. Follow them on social media like Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Blogs, Snapchat, Viber and Facebook. Be observant about their strategic ways and behaviors. 

Then imitate or improve it to make your chances closer to the winning edge. See their tricks even dare ask how they do it. And goes what In due time you will be in podium or won that contest as well. Follow a certain Facebook or twitter hashtags groups that do exclusively contest, travel or sport luxury.    


Read and Scan Contest Anywhere – You need to read lots of newspapers, magazines, billboards, grocery, radio and TV. Its definite that most of brands and media outlets. Whether online of offline does contest to increase its business followers and audience. Now pay attention to contest and promo page of a certain brand and media outlet. So its doesn’t matter if its radio, print, web or tv. You can definitely hunt them.  


Create a blog – You may be inspired by these top 50 pro bloggers that earns $20-3000 a day. It made me venture to do several blogs. And it earns me several grand, like for example if this kind of blog post earned $150 then I need to make 20 same kind of this to fulfill that luxury trip. Lets say my World Cup, Superbowl, Champions League or Racing weekend trip would cost me 3000 dollars. 

So you may earn in blogging in various ways via pay per click or banner ads like I do. As a blogger or press you may also enjoy several free press trips both local and international depends on your sponsor. Because they do choose bloggers according to its style. If they brand, PR company or business like your unique viral style they may give you an all expense trip or cash.   

Join Lottery and Raffles – Raffles and Lottery are now delivered being delivered both online and offline. Like the way see news or making friends with.  So you may bet like 1-5% of your daily income a day to increase your winning odds. So your dozens of Bucket list that may be fulfilled in several years as a businessman or employee can be easily won in a minute. 


Or just in a day, as you bet small and win big. And then travel at a young age, because you can enjoy it if your still strong and have plenty of energy. Not when you are retired or old.  See online lottery results options and give it a shot. Bet if you loose your be smart and when win you won you’ll be lucky for a lifetime. 

Lottoland gives you access to lottery without going to lotto outlet to save time. Any money are paid by them but not by operator. You may register and bet small in Euromillions, Irish Lotto, US Millions and many more options. They also offer scratch card that win a variety of money.

The size of the money will be determined by the numbers of balls you’ve guessed correctly. So if you hit the Major prize and the Jackpot they will give you the prize in a form of cash – open worldwide. That will not only give you Travel but also Financial Freedom to Start your Dream Business, Buy your Dream Home or Car. 

I don’t like to reveal this tricks because our contest world will become more slimmer and saturated. But because of the on going negotiations and offer I cant refused, So I must. Also to help fellow ordinary hopeful their as well that luxury travel is possible. So my little simple blog secrets and contest magic tricks are already accidentally revealed to the online public for real!



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