Kaye, Erich, and Jason stars in local adaptation of Two Wives

Erich Gonzales, Kaye Abad, Jason Abalos stars in 'Two Wives'

MANILA, Philippines Kaye Abad (Yvonne), Erich Gonzales (Janine), and Jason Abalos (Victor) will soon star on ABS-CBN’s local adaptation of the hit Korean drama “Two Wives.”

First aired on Philippine television in 2012, “Two Wives” was one of the first series that tackled the sensitive and timely issue of infidelity.

As early as now, viewers are already excited to the confrontations and conflicts between the characters of Kaye and Erich, who fell in love and eventually married one man portrayed by Jason.

How will the two wives fight for their dignity and rights? Who will win in the end — the first wife or the second wife?

Don’t miss the much-anticipated adaptation of “Two Wives” coming very soon on ABS-CBN.