4 Bargain-bin baby products from Uni-Care on sale this 7.7

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As parents, raising a child can be the most wonderful thing in the world. We all want what’s best for them, so if it can also quickly put a huge dent on your wallet if you don’t closely monitor your spending.

It literally pays to be frugal, so you’re like us and actively hunting for good deals on baby products, here are four items currently on sale for dirt-cheap prices on Shopee:

1. UniLove Airpro Baby Diaper 30’s (XX-Large) Pack of 2: P856 > P660 (23% off)

If there’s one thing that our young ones can’t get enough of, it’s diapers. Which is normally not a problem other than the fact that good diapers can literally drill holes into your bank account.

Depending on their bodily needs, you can easily go through multiple diaper changes in a day! Diaper go brrr, money go brrr.

Normally priced at P865, you can grab two 30-piece AirPro Baby Diapers from UniLove today for only P660.

That’s 60 pieces or only P11 per piece. Eleven pesos! That’s almost unheard of for branded quality diapers.

2. UniLove Slim Fit Baby Pants 30’s (XX-Large) Pack of 2: P870 > P670 (23% off)

If you prefer baby pants over diapers, then get this instead. Normally priced at P870, it’s down to P670 for two packs of 30 pieces each.

So at 60 pieces that’s around P11.16 each – still cheaper than anything we know other there.

Seriously – if you’re aware of anything lower, comment or drop us a DM because we really would love to know.

3. UniLove Baby Bath 300ml Bottle of 1: P189 > P125 (34% off)

Our little ones can be dirt magnets especially if they love to have fun outdoors. Our little dirt monsters also happen to have sensitive little eyes and skin – one wrong move and they can develop an allergic reaction or worse – shun bath time forever.

So you’ll need a cleaning product that’s gentle on their eyes and skin. UniLove Baby Bath not only has a tear-free formula, it will keep the skin moisturized so it doesn’t dry out.

It normally retails for P189, but you can get it on sale now for only P125. That’s a whopping 34% off the SRP!

4. UniLove Baby Wipes Combo 100’s Pack of 6: P529 > P350 (34% off)

Another tool in our cleaning arsenal are baby wipes. These things are time savers at home and indispensable tools when traveling.

You may not always have access to a good toilet with soap and water, so if you ever find yourself in shitty situation outside, a wipe or two will clean them right up in no time!

These wipes are going to get in contact with delicate areas, so if you’re not careful, it may end up causing rashes. You’ll want good quality baby wipes that’s mild on the skin.

UniLove Baby Wipes are thicker than ordinary wipes, and uses a formula that contains the natural properties of aloe vera, lanolin, and Vitamin E.

One pack contains 100 wipes, and normally, a pack of 6 would set you back for P529. You can, however, grab them today for P350 on Shopee. That’s 34% savings off the retail price!

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