USANA Philippines introduces new Rev3 Energy Drink

USANA Philippines Rev3 Energy Drink
USANA Philippines Rev3 Energy Drink

MANILA, Philippines – Whether in sports, work, or life in general, our greatest asset is our body. This intricate, high-powered mechanism allows us to achieve the things we need and drive us towards success and a more enjoyable life. However, there are times when our body slows down. In times like this, what we need is a reliable, safe, and powerful energy drink to effectively fuel our bodies and reliably help maximize our potential.

To make this happen, USANA Philippines recently launched the Rev3 energy drink — an all-natural, preservatives-free energy pack that can help every Filipino make the most of our time and efforts.

“We have always been dedicated to empowering every Filipino to becoming champions in whichever field, passion, or discipline they want to undertake,” says USANA Philippines general manager Aurora “Duday” Gaston. “The addition of Rev3 complements our existing roster of offerings that help bring out the champions in our countrymen.”

Perfect for athletes and those who are just simply always on the go, Rev3 is rich with crisp and clean taste without using any artificial flavourings, sweetness, and colorants. It also contains Vitamins B1, B2, and B6 to replace the lost vitamins during rigorous physical activities like exercise. It also pumps L-Carnitine as well as antioxidants from the all natural caffeine from green and white tea to our bodies to keep us healthy, alert, and energetic.

Even USANA Pilipinas Elite Athlete Janice Lagman, who recently bagged the world championship for Poomsae Freestyle Mixed along with the rest of the national team recently, attests to powerful benefits of Rev3. “I was amazed as to how I was able to sustain the energy needed during the daily rigorous training I had to go through and yet still be active towards the rest of the day without resulting into the usual energy booster ‘sugar crash’,” explains Lagman. “During the competition, I was confident that I was in my “top shape” to sustain the team formations and win the Gold Medal, and true enough, together with the national players, we won and became the World Champion for Poomsae Freestyle Mixed”

Initially available in Surge Packs, Rev3 easily and conveniently transforms our regular drinking water to a powerful energy booster that can help us pave the way to becoming champions in our own right.

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