Valea Talks 2.0: Taking care of My Health and Doing It My Way [event]

Valea Health will be holding their second Valea Talks entitled “Valea Talks 2.0: Taking Care of My Health and Doing It My Way”. With this, Filipinos will be able to understand why they should take care of themselves; what it means to be healthy, fit, happy, and satisfied in everything that they do; and how being healthy can boost their confidence. On the latter part of the event, they will be guided on how to create their own workout and diet plan that suites their time, budget, and lifestyle. This seminar will be on March 25, 2019 at the QBO Innovation Hub located at Makati City.

Valea Talks 2.0 is a public event that aims to make Filipinos aware on the benefits of health and wellness, and show them the best way to take charge of their own health.

Led by experts in the fitness, nutrition, and health industry, topics would revolve around the importance of taking care of one’s overall health. The main part of the event is an interactive workshop where our experts will be providing tips and guidelines on how to create your personal goals and how to make your healthy lifestyle sustainable. Participants will leave with concrete health and wellness action plan that they can use for themselves.

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