Too funny! Victim buys back robbed cellphone from snatcher for P1,000

A netizen identified only as Katherine, narrated on Facebook a funny encounter she had with a thief who allegedly snatched her cellphone, a Samsung Galaxy J5, from her hands.

In an article published by KickerDaily, Katherine recounted a humorous scene between her and the snatcher after watching the latter run away with her cellphone.

According to Katherine, she shouted at the snatcher by saying: “Hoy! Teka! Bebenta mo yan di ba? Ako na lang bibili!”

[Hey! Wait! Are you going to sell that phone? I’ll be the one to buy it!]

Upon hearing the strange offer, the snatcher purportedly stopped running and asked, “Magkano?”

[How much?]

Sensing a sign of hope in getting back her cellphone Katherine quickly answered, “Sang libo.”


Feeling insulted by the offer, the snatcher then responded, “Anuka! Dalawang libo!”

[Are you serious? P2,000!]

Standing firm on her offer Katherine said,“Sim cards ko na lang bilhin ko! Sayo na cellphone ko!”

[I will just buy the sim cards! You can have my phone!]

With that, the snatcher replied, “Tatagal pa tayo sa pagtanggal ng sim cards; sige labas mo sanglibo mo.”

[We’ll waste time by taking out the sim cards. Okay, you give me your P1,000]

With that, Katherine gave P1,000 in exchange of her cellphone further disclosing that the phone was worth more than the money as it contains important data such as contact numbers and valuable text messages from special people.

She also revealed it was not her first time to get snatched but definitely her first and hopefully the last to buy back her own possession from a thief.