WATCH: VIP convoy uses ‘wangwang’ to own the road, introduces as police to scare fellow driver

A viral video uploaded by Timothy John Remorca about his violent road encounter  became a debate online.
Based on his post, the three white Toyota Hi-ace vans were using ‘wang-wangs’ just to get through the traffic along Aurora Boulevard.  He claims that one of the vans blocked him and was ganging up on him. One even presented himself as a ‘police officer‘.  Towards the end they were claiming that they have an emergency and that they needed to go to ‘Central’ immediately.  Netizens speculated the “Central” that the violent drivers were pertaining was the central office of Iglesia ni Cristo.
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Here’s the full post:
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“I want to share a video of a road encounter earlier today. Three white Toyota Hiace vans with flashers and wang-wangs just cut through traffic along Aurora Boulevard coming from Broadway. I was blocked by one of the vans and they all went out to gang up on me. A part of the video shows them pulling my arm out of my window to get me out of the vehicle, while one tries to grab my phone.
I need your help in getting this video posted so proper authorities would know. One of them claimed he was a policeman, and all they could say was that they were heading to ‘Central’. When I confronted them, they kept shouting, ‘Alam mo ba yung sakay namin?’ And when I asked what, they just kept trying to scare me off.
I don’t know what they were transporting, that they had to act like VIPs and use their wang-wangs to get their way through traffic and block the road just to scare me off. They all had LEVANT CLUB stickers.”
Netizens meanwhile reacted adversely to his post saying that he provoked the men that’s why he asked the help of Topgear Philippines to post his further explanation.
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“I have never posted a video of a road encounter before other than this.
I have read the comments and opinions and I respect them. I know I too was at fault if viewed from an angle but there will always be a threshold of driving defensively and being vigilant on the road.“I’d like to clarify that I didn’t race the vans to cut the convoy, my fault was not capturing the first instance one of the vans actually beat the red light in the intersection and almost hit me, the next trigger was that same van started cutting into my lane and not letting me pass when I blew my horn. I won’t even consider posting this if not for that very act they did just to prove something. And when asked, all they say is ‘alam mo ba ang karga namin?’ which is honestly just an act of threat. Adding to the fact that one claimed to be a Policeman without being able to show identification.“We have our own opinions and I have watched many videos like these. I just wanted everyone to see that if no one acts and questions false claims of authority, more of these abuses would plague our roads.“This is when I realized that there are many like minded car guys and group members who share the same principle on taking action at certain margins. And we can only cure this ‘disease’ by working together.”
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