VIRAL: Lady falls from Star City’s ‘Surf Dance’ ride

The Facebook post of Kenneth Paolo Mendoza about the “fat” woman fell from Star City’s Surf Dance ride went viral online.

In his post, he advised the public to be careful in riding Star City’s rides especially, in Surf Dance where they saw a lady fell from the ride while it was swaying on air. “Mag ingat po tayo sa pagsakay ng Rides ng star city . May babaeng mataba ang nalalag sa SURF DANCE mula sa tuktok nalaglag sya.”

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To be fair with Star City, they always follow precautionary measures and constantly maintained their facilities. Accidents like this cannot be avoided especially, if the riders are not following the safety measures suggested. However, its true that they still have accountability on this.

In 2009, a man named Carmelito Pena fell 15 meters from the Star flyer ride causing his death. The roller coaster ride in a carnival has temporarily ceased operations.

In 2006, a ride namely “Wild river” has become controversial when a woman fell on the top of the ride that caused casualty.

While we don’t have update yet on what happened to the victim, some netizens, meanwhile, expressed their  disappointment for Kenneth who used “matabang babae” (fat lady) to describe the victim who is not yet identified.



The post has been liked 7,000 times and shared 9,000 times to date.


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