Why Iglesia Ni Cristo protests #SayNOtoABSCBN?

Have you noticed #SayNOtoABSCBN hashtag in Twitter today?

According to the Iglesia ni Cristo members themselves, their top leaders ordered to boycott the broadcast network giant, ABS-CBN as a way of getting revenge for what they called “biased” reporting during the coverage of Lowell Menorca’s filing of criminal cases against the religion sect. The boycott post initially appeared via the Facebook post of a netizen named Israel Nono Ponce last January 26.

As per the Facebook post, Ponce stated that the “Templo Central” had ordered INC members to stop watching any ABS-CBN shows because of news reports that damaged the image of the church. Ponce, who admitted he was a fan of the series Ang Probinsyano, said that a true INC member would deny himself (referring to the pleasure of watching a TV program) and put the orders of the church leaders first and foremost. His post was accompanied by a photo of the ABS-CBN logo with the caption, “Do not spread false reports. Do not help a guilty person by being a malicious witness.”


The truthfulness of the boycott was affirmed by Lennie Lazaro of The Philippine Pride who asked her sister, a deaconess of in San Pablo City, about the issue. Her sister confirmed the boycott, adding that “members who will be caught watching ABS-CBN will suffer a disciplinary action.”

INC spokesperson Edwil Zabala, however, denied that there is any such order  from the group. Zabala did state that he understands the sentiments of INC members who are venting out their anger against ABS-CBN.

Meanwhile, INC members continue to post on social media calling for the boycott of ABS-CBN, using the hashtag #ABSCBNNomore which landed as 2nd top trending spot. Loyal kapamilya fans, on the other hand, have decided to show their support by using the hashtag #ABSCBNMorePower.


Here are some of the hate tweets:

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This is not the first time that INC has supposedly aired its grievance against ABS-CBN. These past few months, there have been reports that Kapamilya star Kathryn Bernardo was allegedly evicted from the INC congregation for supporting Mar Roxas’s presidential candidacy.

Previously, the congregation also took its protest to Edsa  to pressure the Department of Justice (DOJ) to drop its investigation of the alleged kidnapping of several INC ministers. Hundreds of INC members converged outside SM Megamall Fashion Hall in Mandaluyong City and then started to march toward Shaw Boulevard that paralyzed the traffic situation in EDSA.

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Credits to: The Dailypedia