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I can always pretend to be a Metallica, Limpbizkit Lead Rockstar or Donald Trump in a Certain event with the use of wigs & hair care products


This is a sponsored post. But All opinions are mine. 

On my early 20’s  started to loose hair as hereditary part of family genes. As a bald guy, who said that Jason Statham, The Rock or Floyd can be stopped in a Long hair theme event? Sometimes in different occasion whether its a Costume, Cosplay, Holloween, Xmas or Music Party.  For you to be part of it, you need to dressed and act like. For you to gain passes or access.

With the different hair style and technology nowadays, Nobody can’t stop me&you from entering the Political Campaign, Exclusive Theme Party or Music Hollywood backstage exclusive fan event. I can always pretend to be a Metallica, Limpbizkit Lead Rockstar or President Donald Trump in a Certain event with the use of different wigs & hair care products. 

So the old long hair Fred Durst would you agree? I like to Jam with you as we play the famous theme-song “Take A Look Around”. The instrumental we cover in let’s assumed that we both made last Mission Impossible 2. Perfect match for speed high octane adventure, while the long hair Tom Cruise. Our lead actor did the exciting fast car and motorcycle glide nerve chase action explosion stunts. 4-1.jpg

If hair can be used as a symbol of love story. Lets imitate the hair of Aerosmith’s lead long hair vocalist Steven Tyler. And sing the romantic “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” lets say a capella while travelling in different airports. Anyways, Using the skills of professional stylists, artists and beauticians. We can always imitate the style of the person that we like. You can always choose what curly weave, pins or hair styles that you like. From a thousands of eCommerce hair products selection. 

New look? Hair problem? No worries because divatress dot com got a solution for our lifestyle. There’s plenty of Hollywood, Music Icons, Sport and Cartoon character that you can imitate using different hairstyle.  That makes your life totally fulfill as you live life to the fullest and start expressing your inner-self taught. 5-2.jpg


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